Selling To Do List

Over the last week, we’ve been furiously tackling projects because our house is up for sale.  Most of the projects are small, like touch up paint, adding a few pieces of trim, and swapping out items we want to take with us to the new house. Two bigger projects lingered.  In addition to painting the living room, we had to sand, prime, and paint the kitchen ceiling.  Yes, six months of procrastinating later, we finally got ‘er done.  Actually, Ben did with a little help from his friends Orbital Sander and Shop Vac.  See, he had the genius idea to duct tape the hose of the vacuüm to the sander dust output thing.

The result?  A nearly dust-less, quick, and smoothly sanded ceiling.  A little primer and more paint and our kitchen is officially done.  {Wrap up and budget post to come in the near future}  Just in time to sell.  Ha.

In other kitchen news, I swapped out the bubble glass knobs for plain Jane brushed nickel knobs.  Ben saw me mid-knob change and asked what I was doing.  I explained I planned  to use the knobs somewhere in the new house because similar knobs aren’t easy to come by.  He shook his head while explaining I was a crazy person.

He may be right.  I may be crazy.  At least I’ll be crazy with pretty knobs.  Oh, Ben also used his ingenious sanding solution on the counters.  Then we applied another coat of Teak Oil.  It might not seem obvious in pictures, but in person, these babies shine.

Another project we’ve procrastinated on is trimming out the laundry shelves.  Well, not anymore.  Not sure if I’ll have a chance to prime and paint, but it’s a step in the right direction.

And we finally bought closet doors for the small basement bedroom.  We’re waiting for the paint to cure before install, but we’re getting there.

I also spent a little time taking down more art work.  Everything in the stair gallery wall.

And most of the art on the ledge in the small basement bedroom.

Other miscellaneous touch up paint throughout the house and swapping out my home-made light fixtures in the bedrooms and my office has happened, too.  We’re hoping the weekend weather cooperates so we can finish up a little exterior soffit and fascia work and maybe some fencing.  Not the mask wearing sport kind either.

Yep, we’re getting there.  Bring on the showings!

Have you tackled any of your lingering projects recently?  What made you get your butt in gear?

9 thoughts on “Selling To Do List

  1. You’re not crazy! I would have totally switched out the knobs too! There’s no sense in losing something that you love and the silver will look just as nice to potential buyers!

  2. Another option would have been to reserve the knobs so they could have gotten the really cool look but you still got to keep your knobs. If the sellers wanted them, they would have to pay extra. Who knows what details are gonna sell a place?!

  3. Since you are selling by owner, can you get the property listed in the MLS? It will be interesting to follow your experience and learn some helpful information too!

  4. let’s see, lingering projects: painting my daughter’s bedroom, de-cluttering her room, deep cleaning bathroom, de-cluttering house. so far, only the bathroom has gotten done, but the others are in the process. the thing that has gotten my butt into gear, is the fact that i am due with our second child in 3 weeks!! so much to do, so little time!!

    1. Hi Amy, My thoughts exactly! I can’t easily find similar knobs for a reasonable price. So I’m keeping them!

      Hey Judykr, I considered leaving the bubble knobs on, but decided it would be easier not to have to explain everything. This way, what the buyer sees is what they’ll get and they won’t feel cheated out of something they never saw in the house. And, I don’t know if the knobs (or lights) would help with selling. And I’d hate to leave something I lie behind assuming the new owners will like it just for it to get tossed out.

      Hi Esther! At least you’re making progress! That’s what really counts. 🙂

      Hi Maria, Yep, we found a service that offers MLS listings for a flat fee. We’re still working on getting the details to the right people, but we’ll definitely share our FSBO tips and process when we can!

      Hey Ainhoa! See, I’m not crazy! 🙂

      Hi Erin, Ha, you’re a busy lady. And I totally know the feeling of a baby deadline. That’s what pushed our basement project. I was quite literally painting while having contractions. Hope you get it all done in time. 🙂

      Hey Shirley! Let’s hope so! Keep those fingers crossed!!!

      Hi Ashley! Ya know, I’m trying not to dwell on leaving this house and I’m focusing on plans for the new house. That’s not to say I’m not sad or haven’t cried about leaving this house. But, we think there are many benefits of the new house so it should all be okay.


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