On Procrastination

Several months ago, I was offered a chance to review Dutch Boy paint.  Not having a local retailer, I had never tried Dutch Boy, so I was curious to see what I thought about it.  I picked out a pale green, Mackinac Island, to paint over the cranberry red walls.


I just couldn’t take it any longer.  Happily, the green is a soothing, pale color.  And the paint covered the red in two coats, without primer or any special treatment.

Master Bathroom Macinack Island Green

Being in a confined space, I really appreciated zero VOC, low odor paint.

Master Bathroom Macinack Island Green Entry

However, I’m not thrilled with the green wall/orange-y oak trim combo.  Of course, that’s not the paint’s fault, just an ugly combo akin to putting lipstick on a pig.  Eventually we’ll remodel this bathroom including refinishing the clawfoot tub we pulled out of the main bathroom, shortening the vanity to one sink (to make room for the tub under the window), installing new tile, and new paint.  So this is a temporary fix to cover up the blood-red walls.

Master Bathroom Macinack Island Green Window

And here’s the procrastination part.  The light fixture in there is ornate and detailed.  Too detailed for me to care to cut in around.  I figured Ben could take the light down for me to paint behind, then put it back up.  Well, we still haven’t done that.  So here’s how it has looked for the past few months.

Master Bathroom Macinack Island Green Light

Ooooh, aaahhh.  Can’t wait to tackle the bathroom for a brighter, cleaner, less 70’s look.

P.S.  We were not compensated for this post, but the paint was free in exchange for a review.  All opinions are 100% mine.

8 thoughts on “On Procrastination

    1. Hi Jasmine!

      I love the color. In the shadowed areas, it looks brighter than it really is. I do think it was true to what I ordered, too. I’m very pleased with the paint and color!


  1. I really like that color! I saw on Pinterest someone used gel stain on oak cabinets and it looked great! Might be a good fix until you are able to tackle that bathroom and make it what you really want.

  2. I painted our whole house in Dutch Boy Refresh, & 2yrs later, I’m repainting the whole house again. It was a complete disappointment. It does not wash well what-so-ever. The color fades over time, & looks terribly chalky. I did some minor touchups in our hallway & you could see exactly where I did it. And when I took some pictures down to paint this weekend, it was a different color under the pictures, like I was a smoker or something. Maybe you will end up liking it, but its the worst paint I’ve ever used.

    1. Hi Avilynn!

      Thanks for your opinions! That’s so good to know. I’ve found that using any paint with a sheen (regardless of the brand) touch ups can be obvious. But, I really don’t like when paint can’t handle clean up, so that’s a biggie for me. I’ll keep an eye on it. 🙂


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