The Office {Organization}

Hello and happy Monday!  You know the snowball effect?  That happened to me recently.  While working on orders, I decided to add labels to magazine files I use as paper storage.

Office Organization Paper Cabinet

Washi tape to the rescue.  Now I know which is card stock and printer paper without pulling the file out.

Office Organization Washi Tape Labels

Those labels set the organization ball in motion, and I knew another office space that needed some help.  The dreaded file drawer.  Organizing like items in files and receipts in large envelopes corralled the mess, but more washi tape (color coded!) labels everything.

Office Organization File Drawer

After that, I moved up a drawer where I keep packing and mailing supplies for orders.

Office Organization Middle Drawer

Above that drawer is basically an office junk drawer.  Some office supplies, some craft supplies, and chargers.  A quick purge and straighten out.

Office Organization Top Drawer

Over to my main drawer where I keep essentials.  Scissors, paint brushes, utility knives, tape, pens, paper clips, chapstick, post its, everything.

Office Organization Main Drawer

An acrylic kitchen utensil caddy keeps large items together, but smaller items just don’t work well.  But a cheap shelf turned drawer divider from the Dollar Tree works.  Now I can separate large and small binder clips, rubber bands, and paper clips from my memory cards, stamps, and flash drive.

Office Organization Shelf Divider

With most of the drawers done, I cleared out the mail slots.

Office Organization Mail Cubbies

A black box holds note cards with addresses, seriously the best address book for us.  Envelopes and our address stamp make mailing easy.  And a cute little elephant bank to corral change.

Office Organization Open Shelf

I keep extra-large envelopes and packing supplies in the white boxes.  Markers, paint brushes, and extra pens are contained yet accessible in the vases on the top shelf.

Office Organization Sharpies

A bouquet of pretty Sharpies in a candle holder on my desk add a pop of color to both my desk and mail.  If only I had the energy to sort through my craft supplies, the boys’ art supplies, and other oddities in the other half of my office.  I’m feeling overwhelmed by the amount of junk I seem to own.  In the office and other areas of the house.

How was your weekend?  Did you tackle a much-needed organizational project?  Or realize you also have an insane amount of stuff?

6 thoughts on “The Office {Organization}

  1. I feel overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I own too. It’s especially bad in my office/craft area since I can’t seem to part with any of it. What if I have the urge to use oil pastels one day?! 🙂

    1. Hi Adrienne!

      Ahh, I know! I’m not the olny one keeping stuff because I might need it, but sometimes it feels like there’s SO much. Gotta work on that. Good luck to you! 🙂


  2. At looks so nice! My mom came this summer when I was about seven months pregnant and spent a week going through every closet and cabinet in my house-then we had a yardsale. I didn’t even have any big ticket items and I made over $600!!! I have kept things fairly organized, but now it’s the time to purge clothes again and I went through the baby’s clothes yesterday with a mind to organize it…even purchased baskets-which are on the floor in his closet 🙂 the big boys’ room is next with a huge project being our master closet…we had someone come do a bid for just a basic closet system-white flat panel drawers…(drumroll please) four THOUSAND dollars. Looks like DIY is in our future. Have you guys done a big walk-in closet re-org?

    1. Hi SallyHP!

      Wow, you got a lot done and made 600 bucks! Good for you!!! Custom closet systems can be so expensive! Here’s a link to our old master closet: We had one shelf about a foot from the ceiling, then a rod right below that with enough room to hang shirts and pants. On the bottom half, we split the closet vertically with shelves on one side and another rod on the other with room for a laundry basket below. Hope that helps!


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