It’s About Dang Time

At long last, we’re calling the main bathroom (we started working on, oh, mid April) d-o-n-e.  What were we waiting for?  False vanity drawers.


That we didn’t make.  After all these months of waiting on a few drawers, we decided they weren’t worth the effort (and the sizes didn’t work well).  Because they had absolutely no purpose other than looking like drawers.  Instead, Ben cut a few pieces of MDF down, nailed them in place so I could finish painting.


The rest of the room was already done.  Months ago.  Except the dark gray painted door.  I did that in December.


Officially our first completely finished room in this house.  Woohoo, we’re on a roll…hopefully.  Family room, I’m looking at you; get your act together already.


A few new accessories round it out, like these two bucks for three clearance cups from World Market.


And a navy and coral Without You print to hang above the throne.

Print in Bathroom

Just because it makes me laugh.

Print in Bathroom Reflection

Ahh, feels good to close that chapter.  Finish any long-standing projects recently?

14 thoughts on “It’s About Dang Time

    1. Hi Karyl!

      Thanks so much! The walls are a 25% tint of Glidden’s Wood Smoke with off the shelf white for the trim, vanity is Chicago Blues by Ben Moore, and the doors are Squirrel from Behr – color matched to Glidden’s Duo paint. 🙂


  1. Woohoo! I love it, but I’m sure you love it even more. So question: How long did you sit in the bathroom staring at it? I always do that when I finish a project. Just sit. And stare, stare, stare. Inside, I’m giving myself about a million high fives and pat-on-the-backs. Haha!

  2. I absolutely love how you two did that larger piece of trim where the baseboard meets the door trim. Love the top of the doors as well. Picture framing the trim around the doors is just too blah. Yours is classic. When we replaced trim throughout our house I looked for ideas and I wish I had seen your work first!
    Anyway, thanks for the ideas.

  3. Its looking great and while I just read about the catastrophe with the toilet leaking, I can totally relate. While we were renovating our upstairs master bath(1860 home), we didn’t know that there was a leak somewhere. Not only did water soak down into our dining room below, but its happened THREE times since we’ve lived here! Don’t be in a huge rush to get your floor tiled back again. MAKE SURE its all fine and done before you proceed. Trust me, it saves a lot of headache in the long run.
    *On a side note, Id love to know where you got the man/woman bathroom sign. I love it!

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