Loaded & Headed

Progress has been made in the guest/Handy Sammy’s room.  The shelves have been reconfiguredcurtains sewn, storage boxes made, storage needs assessed, and mini dresser refinished.  Taking the room from dark:Guest-Bedroom-Large-Window

To this brighter space:


Now to an almost finished room:


After clearing off the shelves, I edited the accessories, keeping only favorites and books.  Last week the shelves fully dried and I loaded everything back on.


Organizing books into genres, then arranged by color (ROYGBIV with white, gray and black at the end) makes it easy to find what we’re looking for.


Magazines organized by month in files at the bottom.


On the other side, Handy Sammy has four shelves (the vase, frame, and plant can easily be cleared) to store school books and papers, chargers, and his laptop.  A shelf at bed height also doubles as a night stand.


I’m guessing you noticed the blue headboard, too.  We thought about upholstering with a fun fabric, but the books and accessories on the shelves are already kind of busy for the small room.  And we didn’t want to lose precious space, even if it is only a few inches.  In this room, every inch counts.


Solid color seemed the best fit for the room.  I bought two yards of navy linen, brought it home and didn’t like it.  Too blue.  Then I heard our local Ace Hardware stores were giving free quarts of Clark + Kensington paint away one day only.  I chose a dark blue-green color (King’s Canyon), not knowing what I’d use it for.  Once I held the swatch up in the room, it seemed perfect for the headboard.  1/4 inch MDF is light weight and super thin, so I painted a few coats.  Ben hung it last night, covering the edges with pre-painted quarter round trim.


And he installed the second sconce we had ordered.


Making this little nook inviting and useful.


Next up, hang a light fixture.  Surprise, it’s a DIY creation I discovered yesterday.  Soon we will install crown molding, baseboard, and door trim.  Paint on the trim, ceiling, and walls (I’m STILL looking for the perfect color), we can call this room done.  Wow, this room is actually going quickly.

25 thoughts on “Loaded & Headed

  1. Looks great! Love the color! I was so hoping to get a free gallon of C&K paint but I had to leave town on emergency. I’m hoping they have that event again soon. I’ve heard good things about that paint! Can’t wait to see the light fixture!

  2. I like the bright yellow/green swatch that’s painted next to each side of the built ins. I think that looks sharp with the white and navy. Can’t wait to see what color you choose!

  3. Phenomenal!!! Love it so much. I can’t wait to see how it looks with new paint. The current wall color looks like the same yellowy-brown that our house had EVERYWHERE. It’s such a depressing color. We painted every square inch. It made such a difference.

  4. Yay for free paint – love the color! It’s the perfect combination of dramatic and peaceful. Great job!

  5. Have you ever posted about who Handy Sammy is? I’ve always read about him but never knew who he was (or that he lived with you!) until these recent guest bedroom/Handy Sammy room posts!

  6. I loved the wood bookshelves. So sad to see them painted white like a million other homes out there…Personally I cant wait for the white furniture phase to go away 😦

    1. Hi Naiad!

      I understand where you’re coming from. 🙂 If the shelves had been a nicer quality and finish of wood like cherry or walnut, I would’t have painted them. I could have dealt with the dark if it looked nicer. But the oak had been nailed into and was just too dark to be worth keeping the way it was. I really do like wood furniture if the wood looks nice.


  7. I like the re-configured shelves and navy headboard. It’s a great use of space. I think yellow is the wrong direction to go for paint, tho. A gray or even a light green would be really nice with the white shelves and navy headboard. Green & navy or gray & navy are classic together.

    1. Hi Dittobelle!

      Thanks for your compliments! Handy Sammy’s favorite color is yellow, so that’s why I’m looking at yellows. After all, he’s the one staring at these walls most often. But I do agree a green or gray would look lovely with the navy, especially green. The room is small, so it will be easy to repaint down the road if/when we tire of yellow. Or if it just doesn’t turn out the way I’m hoping. 🙂


  8. What are the dimensions of your guest (Handy Sammy’s) room? This looks like it could be a solution for our ultra tiny third bedroom.

    1. The bookshelf wall is 9 feet 6 inches wide and the length of the room is 13 feet, including the bookshelf depth. I hope this helps you with your room problem, but I’m happy to answer any other questions you have.


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