Replacement Rug

Our laundry room isn’t very pretty.  At all.  Orange counters, plain white walls, fluorescent lights, and oak cabinets.  And floor-less.


Literally right after closing, Ben pulled out the pet stained (and smelly) carpet that was in the laundry room, hall, and bathroom (eww).  But I don’t like the feel of walking on old carpet glue.  For a while, we used extra Flor tiles.


Then we swapped rugs and the chevron painted rug sat in storage.  Until I measured the laundry room and realized the rug was almost the perfect size to cover the floor.  Or most of it.


Ben and Handy Sammy lifted the washer and dryer while I shimmied the rug under.  It is a few inches too long for the room, so it curls against the back wall.  But hey, it covers the floor, gets the rug out of storage, and works until we get to work in here.



The natural jute color definitely isn’t doing the orange counter tops or orange-y stained cabinets any favors.


But we have storage space (and a utility sink!) and that’s what matters.


More than anything, the new rug makes me want a fun patterned floor when we get around to changing this space.  I’d really love to paint or replace the counters, too, but that’s not a priority.  Heck, the whole room isn’t a priority.  Ben doesn’t see the value in touching the laundry room because we’ll have to add insulation to the back wall (where there’s nothing but concrete).  Which means the size of the cabinets will change.  Oh well, a girl can dream, right?

4 thoughts on “Replacement Rug

  1. The rug looks great, but those orange cabinets…ugh. I totally understand wanting to makeover this space. A laundry room is like the board room for a stay-at-home-mom. We spend so much time in there! And as if laundry isn’t enough of a chore, a room that doesn’t feel like sunshine just makes it worse!

    I say, paint those cabinets. Pronto. Surely Ben can’t object to a little paint. Good luck!!

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