Kitchen Chronicles

Oh yes, the kitchen.  We’re eagerly planning a full scale remodel complete with new cabinets, double wall ovens, moving the island out a foot for more work space, and a marble back splash.  But that can’t happen right now.  Fingers crossed it can happen within the next 365 days.  But, there have been a few minor changes since we moved in.  Remember the blue wallpaper?


Vincent and I tore it down, exposing the glue backing.  Already a vast improvement in the light and bright department.


Then I sprayed the glue, scraping it off.  And replaced the windows.  I didn’t do that, Ben did.  He’s far more skilled than I am.


For months, the kitchen looked like this:


Eeeesh, not good.  Scratched walls, filled nail holes, and dingy primed walls.  Last weekend I got so sick of looking at the ugly walls.  That’s what happens when our weather isn’t nice and I’m stuck in the house a lot.  I look for things to do.  To flow with the family room, I painted the walls Sandstone Cove, using Glidden’s Duo eggshell.


Ahh, the glory of solid colored walls.


Too bad the rest of the kitchen isn’t as easy to change.


Because the kitchen wraps over to my office, I painted those walls, too.


Black hole of electronics be damned.  Hmm, wonder if I could spray paint them…  Haha, not going to do that!


If only the paint had been a bolder color to make the change more obvious.  One small step for me, one giant leap for our kitchen.  Do you get itchy when the weather doesn’t coöperate?  Look for something, anything to do?

P.S.  Our three-year blog anniversary is coming up in a few weeks.  If you have questions for us, maybe we’ll do a Q and A?  You can leave comments here or email at

8 thoughts on “Kitchen Chronicles

  1. It looks much much much better now. Maybe when you work on your office you could store the printer and tower below so it is hidden. Just an idea if you don’t like the “black hole”. I love the new trim. It really helps brighten it up.

  2. You could always remove the cabinet door closest to the desk and put the tower there…or leave the door on and cut a hole in the side of the cabinet by your feet for ventilation. Use a sheet of decoratively-cut sheet metal, trimmed out with wood to make the hole look nice. 🙂 The printer could go on a roll out shelf in the cabinet next to that with paper, ink and other supplies below it. It’s always easier to come up with projects for OTHER people…no, that’s not right. I can come up with projects for everyone, myself included. It’s finding the time to make them happen that’s the real challenge. 😉

    1. Hey Kraesmom!

      I’d love to do that, but it’s not a priority at all right now. Boo, because that would be so nice. Totally a challenge to find the time to make these ideas happen. 🙂


  3. You always make even the smallest changes look good! I can’t wait to see how the kitchen comes along. The new house is really looking fantastic!!

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