Boy Bedroom Mood Board

Scraping the popcorn off the boys’ bedroom ceiling started a whole room revamp.  Well, revamp implies we did something in there before.  Which we didn’t.  Other than hanging curtains and adding furniture, this room was untouched.  And super boring.  Now we’re working on making it a fun and happy place for our two rowdy boys.


1.  Anjou Pear:  Surprise, I’ve already painted the walls.  And the color is brighter than the swatch looks.

2.  Drexel Dresser:  This dresser just makes me happy.  Perfect for now and can easily transition to adult furniture.

3.  Gray and White Stripe Curtains:  Add a fun large pattern and the neutral colors keep the bold walls in check.

4.  Magical Thinking Triangle Chain Rug:  Another fun pattern in neutrals to balance the walls.

5.  Fjellse Bed:  Not having an Ikea near by means we won’t actually have these beds, but they’re the inspiration for a DIY version.  

6.  Fun fabric found on clearance at least a year ago:  For another pop of color, I’m pulling this fabric out storage.  The green-yellow is nearly identical to the walls.

7.  Microfleece Blanket:  For sophisticated color, I’m using navy accents, blanket.  Actually, not this blanket because I found super soft throws at Costco for $9.99 each.

8.  Threshold Down Alternative blanket:  Ivory quilts are a soft backdrop for any bedding we want to use.  I’m thinking of it as a blank canvas to add splashes of color and pattern on.

9.  Gray Grid sheets:  Apparently extra long twin sheets are rare.  Target saves the day with their dorm bedding.

10.  Modern Kids Movie Posters:  Though it’s tough to decide.  This Batman one is awesome and Ev is obsessed with Batman.  Modern movie posters seem like a happy middle ground.  Favorite movies and characters of the boys’, modern to seem less commercial.

11.  Constellation Embroidery:  Another navy accent.  Bonus, it’s educational.

17 thoughts on “Boy Bedroom Mood Board

  1. The extra long twin are always available from certain places, like JC Penney, but most dorm room have this size mattress so they are easier to find in the summer with students getting ready to leave for college. Love the Drexel dresser and the colors!

  2. What an awesome mood board. Your dresser makes me happy too. It’s an incredible find!

  3. I love those movie posters via Etsy!! My oldest son has been finding so many fun movie posters for his bedroom! I loved your sons old bedroom in your last home so looking forward to seeing how this one turns out

  4. Just so you know you can have the bed shipped from Ikea for not too much. Probably depends on your zip code but it was only $11 for me and I’m 4 hours from the nearest Ikea. Just thought I would let you know in case you didn’t know that. 🙂

    1. Hi Courtney!

      I didn’t know it would be that cheap for shipping! But after pricing out wood, it’s the same price as the frame and slats from Ikea. And we don’t have to pay shipping. 🙂 But, that’s something I need to keep in mind in the future.


  5. I just finished my big boys’ room last night! Can’t wait to see what your finished room looks like. I still have your constellations pinned to my board for their room and just need to do them. Any chance you could share a template? I’d buy it from etsy!

    1. Hey Sara!

      Ooh, that’s so exciting! Please send a link my way so I can’t forget. 🙂 As for the template, I didn’t save mine. Try searching northern/souther hemisphere constellation map to find something. So sorry I didn’t think to keep it!


      1. That’s great! Having the map will be perfect! I’m going to blog the room tonight, so I’ll send the link. Still little things to add, but it’s essentially done.

  6. We had that bed as a spare for when my nephew came over to visit, it’s really cheap and nasty looking in real life. I know you can DIY something better for your boys.

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