Tubs, Tile, and Inspiration

I’m seriously chomping at the figurative bit to get started on our bathroom remodel.  Hopefully we’ll finalize measurements soon and start ordering and building.  Eek, I’m so excited.  Want to see what we’re thinking?

The claw foot tub that we pulled out of the main bathroom will go our master.  We need to refinish it, and I’m thinking a charcoal gray exterior with gold feet, like this:

Or going all charcoal on the outside, feet included, like this:

Either way I think it will be fantastic.  And we’re probably going to use the brass plumbing the tub already has, too.

For the vanity, we want to include warm, dark wood, probably as a countertop.  A sleek round mirror and brass hardware accents, like this will tie in the brass tub plumbing.

A semi recessed vessel sink like this one would be perfect with a faucet similar to the photo above.

On the floors, we’re going to the dark side with gray slate (same stuff we used on the fireplace) set in a brick pattern, like this:

But in the shower, we want light and bright.  What’s better than white marble?  Well, white marble set in a herringbone pattern of course!  Similar to this, but a smaller tile:

And a barn door to allow space for the tub.

If we left the door as it currently is, it would bump into the proposed tub spot.  So here’s the proposed floor plan, with a single sink, free-standing tub, and an open shower.


I’m ready to get this party started.  By party, I mean demo.  Of course more details to come as we make progress.

A huge thank you for all the kind, encouraging words and support on Monday, too!  You all are wonderful.

12 thoughts on “Tubs, Tile, and Inspiration

  1. Exciting! We are planning on doing a reno to our bathroom in the next few months as well but we have not finalized nearly as much as you yet. We want to do herringbone floors but I had not considered how it would look in the shower. I’m excited to see what you do.

    1. Hi Angel!

      Oh, so you’ll have tons of winter fun, too. 🙂 We discussed herringbone floors, but the shower will be more noticeable, so that’s where we’re using it. I’m super excited to get going and share everything, too.


  2. I love clawfoot tubs. We refinished one about a year ago and were really happy with the results. I love the charcoal gray! Your bathroom plans look great, I’m excited to watch the progress.

    1. Hi jcdmama!

      Thanks for your compliments! Question for you, what product did you use to refinish the tub? I’ve heard mixed reviews on a few, so I’d love to know what worked for you.


  3. Are you DIYing the door? I want one, but they are so expensive. Please share every detail and money-saving tip. I know Ben is a construction genius, but if there is anything simple I want to try it.

  4. I adore those old clawfoot tubs! I much prefer the one with the legs painted charcoal, though. Somehow the gold is a little too Liberace for me.

  5. We just re-did our kids’ bathroom and I’m obsessed – probably my favorite room in the house and all done very inexpensively! We got those floor tiles that look like wood – got them for a steal at a discount outlet store for 1.99 sq/ft. The vanity, tub, shower tiles, and trim is all white and the walls painted a dark navy. Right now we have bright accents (rug, shower curtain, etc.) because its for my toddler and baby but it could be dressed up to be really sophisticated too. My favorite part is the floor – the tile has a slight texture so it’s not slippery – and we laid it in a staggered pattern like real wood, and chose a dark brown grout. It totally looks like real wood. Highly recommended!
    I don’t work my blog anymore but can send you pics if you want!

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