Thrift Shop Booty

A few weeks ago, I popped in Goodwill to see if they had anything I needed.  I spotted this wicker queen headboard for $15.00.  I was on the fence about it, and we have only one queen bed.  But, I bought it anyway because I wanted to see it in place.

That place is the guest room.  And I didn’t love it.  Perhaps if I had painted it a fun color, but not with all the visual clutter on the shelves.  Handy Sammy didn’t like it either, so I returned it for store credit.


But I did keep a wooden bull statue Ev picked out.


And a wooden bison Christmas ornament for 79 cents.  I just cut the looped string off and nailed it in my mini gallery wall.


And then there’s this beauty.  Five bucks, but I didn’t get it.  I asked Ben and he said we didn’t need another lone chair, especially one so involved.


I did come home with a chair.  This brown vinyl rolling chair is perfect for my desk.  Super comfy and in perfect condition for only $3.99!


My first impression (at the store) was to paint it à la Little Green Notebook.  Now that I see it in the space, I’m second guessing it.  Sure, it would be super fun, but I kind of like the almost leather look.  Not with the current orange oak cabinets, but those won’t stay forever.  To paint, or not to paint?  What would you do?

12 thoughts on “Thrift Shop Booty

  1. I agree with msot of these other ladies, paint the desk/cabinets and keep the chair this color. Then maybe after a while you’ll decide it needs to be changed.

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