Basket Weaving

Remember that thrifted sewing caddy I found last month?


I found the perfect use for it- to store newspaper for fire starting.  But first, it needed a makeover.


I started by measuring the outsides.


And taking pictures to remember how everything looked if I got stuck.


Then I sewed a liner and cut strips of left over gray felt to weave together.  My strips are three inches wide.


I probably should have pinned them in place and marked everything to take it off and sew.  But I am sick and that seemed like such a hassle, so I hand stitched along the top.


The rest stayed in place well, so I just lightly stitched in the corners.  Once I had the pieces woven together, I decided I liked the matching inside, so I skipped the liner I had made.  It works really well for paper storage by the wood box.


Right now, the wood box looks kind of like a bookshelf because Ben filled it with scrap lumber.


Not sure it’s my favorite look, but I don’t have to walk outside to get fire wood.  And now we don’t have an ugly stack of paper on top.  That’s what really counts, right?


Now I feel justified in hoarding thrifty treasures, because I found a use and home for this guy.  Have you revamped thrift store scores recently?  Or made a woven…something?

8 thoughts on “Basket Weaving

  1. Your posts still aren’t showing up in my feed ( for some reason. Once in a while they pop up after a few days but I don’t think I’ve seen one in my feed for a while now. Weird!

    What kind of scrap wood do you have stacked up there? I’m probably stating the obvious but soft wood like pine (and pressure treated!) isn’t good to burn inside.

    1. Ugh, I’m not sure what’s going on over there. I checked and couldn’t figure anything out. 😦 I’ll have to dig a little deeper.

      The wood is cedar, so hopefully we’re okay… Thanks for the heads up!

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