It Felt Nice

This Christmas, our theme is school, per V’s request.  He started kindergarten this fall and absolutely loves it, so it made sense when he wanted to carry it to Christmas.  Hobby Lobby had everything we needed to deck our tree.  Wooden letters and colorful felt.  I bought 8 different colored sheets of felt.  Then, cut them in thirds, lengthwise and then into 1/2 inch ish strips.


With my sewing machine, I stitched on long chain, keeping the pieces close to centered.


When I ran out of pieces, the garland was roughly 30 feet long.  Not bad for two bucks worth of felt!


We wrapped it around the tree, then hung our painted letters.  A few silver ball ornaments, last year’s cubes, and all the silhouette ornaments I’ve made of the boys.

And here she is, a school themed Christmas tree.


V and I talked about our Christmas theme in October, so it was funny to see a similar tree in Martha Stewart Living this month.


Colorful, letters, and painted wooden cubes.  Have you started holiday decorating?  Do you have a theme each year?  If so, what’s your theme this year?

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