Hung Up on Horns

I’ve still got one coat of paint to finish the ceiling, but the rest of the entry, living, and dining room painting is done.  It’s amazing how much lighter and brighter everything looks.  Especially the entry.  Boy has it come a long way over the last month or so.  We started with this beige box of ugliness:


And now we’ve got a modernized, slightly rustic, light space.


Peachy beige walls looked sad and dingy, especially against my vintage Longhorns.


To create a light backdrop with warm texture (not the heavy knock down), Ben hung tongue and groove pine planks.


Installing simple crown moulding throughout the room for a crisp edge helped finish off the top of the accent wall.


And giving it three good coats of white paint to finish it off for a neutral backdrop.


Along with the freshly painted light gray walls, the room feels clean and fresh.


Not only does the tongue and groove cover the giant wall of knock down, it also acts as a huge stud wall.  Planks nailed into studs every 16 inches are completely secure, and the boards can easily hold the weight of art.



Don’t the horns and light fixture contrast nicely now?


Once our new windows come in, hopefully next week, we’ll replace the door and window.


Usually a fully white wall feels sterile and cold to me, but the knots and grooves keep it interesting.


I’ve never had an accent wall, but I have to say I love it.  Seeing the horns and light against it just makes me giddy.  My parents will be here soon, and I’m excited for my mom to see her horns proudly displayed.

19 thoughts on “Hung Up on Horns

  1. Love his the room is shaping up but the dark light fixture hanging above the horns is distracting to me. Could it possibly be sprayed white or swapped out for something more subtle?

    1. Hey Lauren!

      So glad you like the progress, too. If the light fixture were cheaper, I’d consider painting it. But I actually like the bit of contrast it gives. Who knows though. I change my mind often, so I could stumble upon something and swap it out. 🙂


      1. I agree with Lauren – the light fixture is fighting all of the awesome things you have going on. I think it needs to be something simpler and more rustic. I love the light fixture in general – but just not for that space.

        Otherwise, I think all of the work you’ve done looks awesome. Congrats on all you’ve accomplished.

        1. Hi Jackie!

          I understand. The problem is the only other place we could use the fixture is the dining room. And it’s waaaay too bright for our dining space. Perhaps if I find something I like better for the entry things will change. I’m just not in a rush to change anything. Maybe I’ll change my mind as the rest of the room evolves.


  2. I’m loving the changes. I think of all the updates you’ve done so far, aside from the moulding…and the deck…and the updated windows in the back…oh yeah…and the fireplace….well, hm. I was going to say this one had the biggest impact but I’ll have to revise. I guess I’ll just say that this one had a whopper of an impact, but in retrospect, many of your projects do. 🙂

    1. Hey Kraesmom,

      Thanks so much for your compliments! For the little bit of money, this certinly packs a big punch. It’s mostly paint and about $200 in wood planks.


  3. I love the space, especially with the furniture switcheroo. Love the light fixture too! It provides a nice modern balance to the rustic elements.

  4. You know I LOVE wood walls with texture and this looks fantastic with the new paint in the room. You want to come install some wood planks on my vaulted ceilings for me?

    1. Hey Pine Tree Home!

      Thanks, lovely! I’m not so interested in getting up on a ladder to do vaulted ceilings. Had my share of them recently. And sometime down the road, we’ll have to install t and g planks on the pool house vaulted ceiling. Eeek, that’s going to be interesting…


  5. I love the new white accent wall. I love the horns. And the new paint. And the bathroom. But I cannot get on board with that light fixture. It is competing with everything else in the room and it just doesn’t belong. PLEASE reconsider! Even moving it to your dining area would be better, but honestly, I really don’t like it and I’d rather see you cut your losses on it.

    1. Hey Jessie!

      I get where you’re coming from on the light. For now, I really do like the contrast it adds, but I’m not opposed to changing it if I find something I like better. Becuase we’ve got some other big projects coming up, it’s not high on my priority list. I’d also like to make some other changes to the living room (new couch, larger chairs, a simple rug) before making a final judgement on the light. It’s all a process, so hopefully we’ll get to a point where we’re happy with everything. Just takes time. 🙂


  6. I could have sworn I posted about this yesterday but I was wondering were you bought the light fixture in the living room. I need it!


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