Faux Real

I’m still changing things in the living room.  The triangle lamps I made just weren’t perfect in the room.  Quite honestly, they got knocked over a lot because the bases are very light weight.


I still love them, so they’re in our bedroom and out-of-the-way of little hands.  While dropping a few things off at the thrift store, I spotted this lamp for five bucks.


Instantly loved the shape, but not the design.  If it were only leaves, I think it would have looked beautiful.  The flowers and orange were too much for my taste.  So, I changed it up, inspired by pretty zinc lamps like this:

And this Zinc lamp from A Place in the Garden:

Before I could start spraying, I taped off the socket, cord and wood base.


Then gave the lamp two coats of gray primer, holding it upside down for the second to get the undersides.


To create the aged effect, I diluted white craft paint with an equal amount of water.  Using a 1/2 inch craft brush, I applied the mixture to 4 inch sections all around the lamp.  Don’t go for even here and let it puddle and drip.


I followed up with a very crumpled, slightly damp paper towel.  Lightly blotting pulled off the extra, but I left enough to look worn.


Here it is after it dried:


Liking the finish, I pulled the tape off and realized I didn’t want to keep the wooden base.  So I taped off the upper lamp and sprayed just the wood base gray.  After the faux finish, I had a zinc looking lamp that won’t tip over easily.


I also swapped the shade for a white drum I had for a sleeker look.


For added protection, I sprayed the lamp with three coats of clear matte.


For $5, I’m super happy with the look.  What do you think?  Have you tried a faux zinc finish?  Now to find the perfect floor lamp for the other side.

18 thoughts on “Faux Real

  1. I was a little nervous about where you were headed with this one. I mean, I wouldn’t have looked twice at that “before” lamp in a thrift shop. But, WOW, I just love it all zinced up! Good job!

    1. Hi Domesticphilosophy!

      Sure, I think I’d follow the same process, but add several layers of good polyurethane. I prefer polycrylic. Basically you’d just need something that will hold up to wear and tear over the finish. I hope that helps, but I’m happy to answer questions. I’d love to see pictures if you do it!


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