Olive You

Green has always been my favorite color.  As I child, I realized green brought life and zest to my pictures/drawings.  I’m finally done cheating on green with blues and determined to bring in more of it.

Ironically, about four weeks ago, I was amassing green paint samples to change out the vanity.  Then I got an email from Better Homes and Gardens asking if they could feature our master bathroom in an upcoming I Did It article.  Umm, yes!!  While they had a team out here, they wanted to photograph the main bathroom, too.  Double yes!


So I put my plans on a brief hold.  After the photo shoot (two weeks ago) I set my plan in motion.  The quick makeover added more green and natural elements to the main bathroom.  It feels so different now, even with the few simple changes:


Even better, I spent only $6.99 for a small can of Tate Olive by Benjamin Moore paint.  After clearing everything off, I taped the edges and gave two coats of paint.  Taping everything inside the vanity was the biggest pain, but so worth it.


Once fully dry, I restocked the shelves.  On the bottom, I put toilet paper in an old wooden crate I found on the side of the road.  Green + old wood = love.  Towels we already had along with a basket left over from the photo shoot fill the top.


On the shelf stack I have clear lidded jars filled with soap, cotton balls, cotton swabs, and band aids.  More toiletries, and another navy and white striped bin below.


The dipped woven basket is a great small clothes/towels hamper.  In place of a normal trash can we have a geometric patterned hole-less ceramic planter.  Another prop from the photo shoot; Char (the stylist) is a genius.


With the new natural scheme, the quirky Woman/Man art and shower curtain didn’t feel right.


Instead, this old oil painting fills the space and looks right at home.


I’ve had this painting for four or five years and never had the perfect spot for it.  Until now, where the natural setting and wood frame complete the design.


By the door, I wanted to add a little life, so I made another copper bud vase and filled it with boxwood clippings.


A white striped shower curtain we had in our old master bath is super simple.  Maybe too plain though.  I’m thinking of adding a strip of green along the bottom.  It’ll add length and bring more green over to this side.


A low light plant and white flower dish fill in one side of the vanity.


A white and wood soap pump from Target and woven cup round out the other side.


Shopping the house for accessories made this change without taking a toll on my wallet.  Of course it helps when I have a few props left from a photo shoot, too.  Even if I had to buy those this make over would have cost about $50 total.

20 thoughts on “Olive You

  1. I really like the addition of the green and it makes such a change to the room (and really shows the power of color)!

  2. Congrats!! So excited to see your upcoming feature in BHG!! High Five!The new green color on your bathroom looks amazing and SO much better, it just works!! The bathroom now looks finished and feels fresh 🙂

  3. I’m a big green person too. I figure it’s my love of plants that made me that way…anyway, I love this so much more than the way it was before. It looks like something I might want in my own house someday.

  4. Love it!! What color is the green?? Sorry if I missed it somewhere. Also, do you put anything on the shelves after painting it so things don’t stick to it when you put them on it?

    1. Hey Michelle!

      The color is Tate Olive by Benjamin Moore. I waited several days before loading the shelves up to allow the paint to cure. It’s the same thing I did with the last color and it held up really well, even with the boys pulling baskets out. 🙂


  5. What material are the shelves and vanity made of? Did you build them yourself, or did you buy them? Any hints on construction or purchase?

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