Master Mood

As I shared Monday, we’ve gotten started revamping our ugly bedroom.


Until now, our room has seen minimal attention in the form of white curtain panels and a coat of grayed green paint.  I didn’t love the color while painting and it still hasn’t grown on me.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay as a color.  For the room?  It doesn’t add anything, but it was better than the electric blue.


Before we can get to the fun, big impact stuff, I have some tedious work ahead of me.  The two inside walls have orange peel texture, but the previous owner did a bang up job with some patches:


So I’ll have to address those areas as well as the popcorn ceiling.  We’ll have guests here this weekend, so I won’t be able to get started as soon as I’d like.  Once the guest room is free, we can move our stuff out of the room and I can get going.  I’m aiming for a mix of sleek and modern with warm and rustic to play off each other.  Here’s what I have in mind:



1.  Cedar Planks, we might plank the other window wall, too.  Only after replacing the window with a sliding door.  Then I’ll put on a matte clear coat to seal everything that could be potentially hazardous to have indoors.

2.  Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron in flat finish on the remaining two walls, to tie into the master bathroom.

3.  We want to build a new bed, somewhat similar to CB2’s Dondra Bed.  The basic, open platform base is the part I love.  A light gray painted frame and simple upholstered headboard would off set all the wood going on in the room.  Wood wall + hardwood floors + wood bed frame might be too much for one area.

4.  While discussing replacement night stands, I mentioned floating shelves.  Something like our entry console, but deeper with a drawer.  This Slice Grey Wall Mounted Storage Shelf is close to our idea, though the dimensions would be different.  Also, we’ll use cedar to build the boxes.  That way, we can leave them natural to blend in with the wall.  Or I might paint them to add more contrast.  It depends on how it feels once installed.

5.  Back when I made our curtains, my goal was to create something to close for privacy.  Foolishly, I didn’t sew the panels long enough to raise when we changed the windows and trim.  So, these panels will go in the basement and I’ll sew two new sets.  The linen panels I made for the master bathroom have worked so well, I’m going to sew another set.  This time in white, similar to these White Linen Curtain Panels.

6.  To up the cozy factor, we need a rug.  This Allen + Roth Rectangular Cream Solid Wool Rug looks so plush and soft, and it’s a great price for 100% wool.  Unlike other rooms, our bedroom doesn’t get heavy foot traffic or dirt, so we can get away with a lighter rug.

7.  There are two large mirrors in this house, both in awkward places.  One in the laundry room and another at the end of the hall in the basement.  I’ve wanted to frame one out to lean ever since.  Creating a cedar frame similar to this Salvaged Wood Leaning Mirror is the perfect solution.  It would bring the cedar to another area and add function.

8.  Along either side of our bed, a Faux Sheepskin is nice and soft.

9.  DIY Isosceles Lamps  on the night stands.  ‘Nuff said.

10.  To add in some color, I want a few green accents.  Nothing crazy, but this green wool blanket, the edges of our engineer prints, and a pillow or two.

Across from the bed, we’d like to add a small tv to create a little seating area in the currently unused, open space.  Using the mid-century bench as a small sofa, maybe a chair, and a slim console.  Those elements are still up in the air.  Regardless, I’m excited to get started!

6 thoughts on “Master Mood

  1. First, I love that cedar-planked wall, imperfections and all. It’s a beaut!

    Second, what is up with people putting that texture on walls. It’s bad enough on ceilings, but I don’t understand why anyone would ever add it to a regular wall? We ran into that with our last house and we didn’t even notice it until we closed escrow and moved in. I took one look at it and was like, “What the what?!” We got it off, but it wasn’t pretty, and it didn’t look great. That eventually became a gallery wall because we had to hide what poor shape the wall was in.

    Third, I love that gray color you’ve picked. It’ll be perfect with the cedar wall.

    1. Thank you so much, Casacaudill! I agree with you on all points, especially about textured walls. They’re easier when the house is being built because the sheetrock seams don’t have to be as perfect. But I hate the texture! We’ve decided it’s not worth trying to remove or coat over, so we’re stuck with it. At least until we get more stuff done. Then I might change my mind. 😉


  2. I’m loving the moodboard! I’m a little unsure about the second planked wall. While I love the original planked wall, I think a second one might be too much?

  3. The planked wall would make the green look more settled if you very, very lightly whitewashed the bare wood. Maybe the wood and the green currently being the same light value makes them fight each other visually…both wanting the spotlight? Just a thought. Cool bed, btw!

    1. Hi Kate!

      You’re totally right, the values are competing. I’ve never been in love with that green. I still have to scrape off the popcorn ceilings. Once I do that, I plan to paint the walls the same dark gray we used in the master bathroom. It’ll solve both problems. 😊


  4. One more thing! We had a wallpapered nightmare in one house where the paper took off chunks of drywall. Crazy nightmare! Well, we found a product called “suede paint” that smoothly filled in all the terrible wall flaws. It was gorgeous, smooth, with just a bit of tooth that looked visually soft and inviting. It was made by Ralph Lauren paints. Fantastic stuff and fairly easy to put on with a standard roller.

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