White (Paper) Christmas

This year, I took a cue from the traditional first wedding anniversary and went with a paper theme.  Using plain white paper and cardstock, I crafted several fun ornaments and decorations.  Even better, I didn’t spend a cent this year.  Here’s our finished tree:


We already had clear and silver glass balls, so I used some as filler.  The green orbs are actually foam vase filler.  I just stuck a metal hook in.  After Christmas, I can pull the hangers off without damage.


Back to the paper.  Origami critters didn’t take long to make, and the boys had fun choosing animals from my book.  Reindeer, of course:


Flying owls:


And goldfish are my favorites.


The pheasant looks more like a T rex.  We also went old school and made paper snowflakes.


To give a little movement, I also used 3 inch wide strips to make a garland.  This couldn’t be easier.  Just cut zig zags, leaving a 1/4 inch or so left.


A bokeh tree, just because.


Over in the family room, we hung our stockings and added a small winter scene.


More paper snowflakes, bottle brush trees, and paper houses.  I had all the trees, though more would have looked great.


As a kid, I loved my aunt’s ceramic village.  Seriously, anything miniature gets my undivided attention.  Sticking with the paper theme, I decided to craft a few small buildings.  Using this cute design as inspiration, I made my own taller version with more windows.


Three nestled in snug with the trees looks cute.


To help fill in around the stockings, I filled small votives with pine tree clippings.  They look like mini potted trees.


Our rail road spikes turned stocking hangers are back, too.


With the other projects we’re planning and prepping, kitchen!, these are the only areas I’ve decorated.  Keeping it super simple this year to help balance out the crazy that happens.  Are you finished yet?  What areas do you decorate?

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