Dependant Pendants

We’re making progress with the kitchen.  All cabinet boxes are built, except the sink which we’re waiting to build until we have a sink in hand.  As of now, half of the basement is cabinet shells, stacked tetris style.


For appliances, we’re only missing our sink.  The current dishwasher and refrigerator are staying.  A gorgeous 48 inch cook top, stainless vent hood insert, and stacked double ovens are hanging out, waiting for a permanent home.

What we expected to be easy, has become a search: finding the perfect sink. Knowing we loved the last custom-made sink (as well as our bathroom shower pan and counter by the same fabricator), we started there.  Unfortunately, their rates have almost tripled to complete our design.  Much like Duran Duran, we’re on the hunt.  And hungry like the wolf.

In the interim, Ben is starting drawer assembly and we’re waiting for our new sliding door to arrive.  Nitty gritty details are being discussed and planned regularly.  Lighting is the most recent debate.  After several discussions, I think we’ve settled it.  The smaller white dots represent recessed cans and the black show pendants.


I quite like these small pendants at Home Depot.  Directing the lighting down should make the bar area feel cozier, and won’t blind people in other rooms.

Sleek glass pendants are my back up, if we feel the black attract too much attention.  

Then I start second guessing whether I want pendants or not.  We need a vent hood, and the wider cook top needs a larger fan.  But, with the cook top in the island, that vent hood takes up a fair amount of space.  Visually and literally.  The plan is to box around it as simply and minimally as possible.  Perhaps similar to this, but in the middle of the room.

This white with wood band is really stunning, too.

I’m not sure if I’ll like the look of the big hood and smaller pendant combo.  Especially when the lights are less than two feet from the boxing.  I’ve searched for inspiration, but most island set ups have either pendants or a vent hood.  Not both.  Few that do, have pendants to the sides, not over a bar, like this:

Any ideas, suggestions, or pictures you have to help decide?

20 thoughts on “Dependant Pendants

    1. Hey Lisa!

      Our current oven has a down draft vent that is a joke. Granted, it’s super old. We also bought the vent hood already, so we’re kind of stuck with it. I do agree that it can and maybe will quickly overwhelm the room. Which is another fear I have.


  1. It’s going to look so great!!

    Have you thought about making the vent hood not completely boxed in? Something like this might open the space up more and allow you to have the pendants.

    1. Hi Marybailey509!

      I love those vent hoods, but Ben doesn’t. What he chose is a 1000 CFM vent that can be mounted to the ceiling to keep it as high as possible. But, I’d love something like that gorgeous kitchen!!


    1. Hi MEL!

      OUr ceilings are 8 feet. With the insert we have, it would drop only 18 inches down. So, the base is still above a normal head height. I’m working on an elevation plan now. 🙂


  2. I’d at least investigate down draft options. I’m sure they’ve come a long way if your current one is quite old. You can resell the vent you bought if you decide down draft is right for you. I just hate to see you stick with something you ultimately won’t love just because you already bought it.

    1. Hi Jenw!

      Thank you so much for your opinion! I know Ben has looked into them, both for this house and our kitchen remodel at the last. Basically, if it doesn’t have at least 800 CFM, he’s completely unimpressed. A little Tim the Tool Man Taylor in that regard. The vent we got is a really great 1000 CFM Thermador. I’m just hesitant about the hood/pendant combo.


  3. I like the last picture with the pendants on either side of the vent/hood. Although I’m sure anything you pick will turn out great!

    1. Hi Lisa!

      I like that, too, but I was hoping for the pendants to go over the island bar top. We’re going to raise the back side about 4 inches to define the areas and I thought lights could help. Will it look too busy with three pendants over the bar? One being in front of the vent hood? Ugh, so many little things to plan ahead for.


  4. Thank you so much for your inspiration photos. I have a new kitchen that is beautiful with the exception of my vent hood. I could never find the right one and I just installed a temporary hood to use until I found the right one. One of the pictures you listed is from a builder 1 hour from my house – it must be a sign!

  5. I haven’t heard of anyone who likes to cook a lot being happy with a down draft. So I would stay with the vent. I think hanging the pendants in front of the hood would be very visually busy. Would there be any way to incorporate the lighting into the trim around the vent? That would direct light down to both the bar area and to whatever you are cooking. I have no idea how that would look or work, but was just a thought.

    1. Hi Melanie!

      Thanks for your helpful comments!! That’s what we’ve heard too. And we do cook a lot. I’m thinking the pendants might be too much. Just not sure I want cans over the bar. I was hoping for something a little more intimate feeling. I’m working on an elevation design to get a better idea.


  6. What will the finish of the vent hood be? I kind of like the idea of pendants that maybe blend with the hood finish-wise.

    1. Hi Jackie!

      The vent hood is an insert style, so we’ll build a box around it. Right now, we’re thinking super simple and painted white to match the future ceiling color. White pendants would look sleek and a little less in your face, wouldn’t they? Hmmm… Thanks for your help!!


      1. Oooh I think white pendants sounds like a really pretty idea. You could get away with a cool shape – and/or with salvaging lights and just spray painting them! I like these:

  7. I think the seating at the bar can still be intimate with can lights. We have a similar set-up with a raised bar ( and 9 ft ceilings) and the can lights are great for a) work surface lighting b) keeping the open feel toward the other rooms.

  8. Can’t wait to see what you choose for above the kitchen table. I’ve been totally unable to find something I love for mine for a year and a half. Everything cute has those exposed lightbulbs that make me see spots! Everything else is either a drum light, a farm light, or a boring chandelier. Exciting watching your project come together!!

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