Ready, Set, Cabinets

Onward with the kitchen remodel.  After dealing with the floors and laying new tile, we took a few days off before grouting.  Tile’s all fun and games until you’ve spent four days on your knees.  Once grouted, we were able to clean the haze and install cabinets.


Ben started with the sink, centering it under the window.  He built toe kicks using 2 by 4 boards on edge, working around a vent and leveling as he went along.


The floor on the far end is about an inch lower than the sink, so he shimmed the toe kick to avoid adjusting the cabinet boxes.  This way, the toe kick covers will hide the variance.  At the end of night one, we had a functioning sink, two drawer stacks, and the drawer below the wall ovens in.


Looky there, an island!


To accommodate the cooktop, the two center cabinets are about 9 inches shorter.


After living with a single level island and stove combo, we knew we wanted to create a raised bar for separation.  Potential burns just aren’t worth one level.  For adequate counter support, Ben built a wall that is six inches taller than the cabinets.


He’ll run the gas for the range through here.  Creating the raised bar also gives a convenient place for outlets, which we much prefer over end boxes.


With the fridge in place, the kitchen is half functional again.


Some of the drawers are loaded up with essentials.  Including the trash that will stay under the cooktop.


The last thing to go in will be the wall ovens.  After cabinet faces and paint.


But the sink, that makes life a heck of a lot easier.


Two more base and three uppers to go.  Things are taking shape!

24 thoughts on “Ready, Set, Cabinets

  1. Hi Amanda!

    The kitchen looks so amazing and *SO* bright already! You guys are rock stars! I know it has taken time, but the ‘after’ really is coming along beautifully!

    I was wondering if you could show a picture of the living room from the kitchen? I am trying to picture the change from tile to wood floor. And whether the plank ceiling continues into the living room?

    Really lovely everything!

  2. What will you do to the right of the fridge? Are you going to build the fridge in? Everything looks great. I wish I lived closer to you, I’d hire Ben to do my kitchen!

    1. Hi Susan!

      Great question! We are going to build the fridge in. The space to the right will become a pantry. Still determine some things there, but I’ll share more when we get to that point. Maybe when we’re done with this house we’ll start traveling to remodel. 😉


    2. We have a tall pantry cabinet in our kitchen and it holds 90% of our food/supplies. We love it! Are you going to put any cabinets in the nook where your old office space was?

      1. Hey Liz!

        That’s the hope for ours, too. Keep most/all dry goods in there to keep other areas free.

        For the office, we’ll add two drawer stacks, one on either side of the window with a gap between. Nothing else, unless we feel the need to add it later on. 🙂


  3. Our island cook top was an awesome idea in theory but terrible in practicality. I don’t know what type you chose but make sure it has some sort of metal edging and that it’s not glass. Maybe I’m the only idiot who didn’t think about that, but our glass has already chipped twice in the past 6 months of use! It blows!!!

    1. Hey Kat!

      Ugh, that totally sucks! Ours has stainless edges, so it shouldn’t be a problem. Sorry your glass top isn’t faring well. I wouldn’t have thought about that either! I hope you figure something out. In other ways, do you like having the cooktop in the island?


  4. I’m not sure how I stumbled upon your blog, but I’m so glad I did! Your house is coming together beautifully, I love your style. We’re a few years away from any renovation, but I’ll definitely look here for inspiration. Thanks for sharing! (And now I want a pool house!)

  5. I love your floor choice, question, what color grout did you end up using? It doesn’t look like the normal choice with slate and I love it. Can’t wait to see it finished!

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