Door Number 1

In addition to getting the bar installed this weekend, we finished up the pantry.  Here it is, right after install.


I went back and forth on colors for the door.  Initially, I wanted white to blend in with the surrounding cabinetry.


But the wood tone looked pretty.  So maybe giving it a darker stain, to pick up on the walnut we’ll add to the island?


Then again, the same gray I used on the rest of the interior doors could look great.


A reader suggested chalkboard paint.


Great in theory, but I’m almost certain it’d be a dusty mess that would drive me insane.  I’m not far off right now, don’t need to add to it.  It even crossed my mind to use something crazy like a grass green.


To work with the green curtain panels in the adjacent living and dining rooms, of course.


While we had the door off to paint, Ben added oak strips to the shelf fronts.  Oak for added strength.  Something’s happening to me; I liked the oak.  I decided to clear coat it, not paint.


Not surprisingly, after weighing the options, I went with the most boring option and my gut.  White paint, to simplify the corner.  In our plans, the pantry door was always white because it isn’t supposed to be a focal point.


To further match the white cabinetry, I used a drawer pull as the handle, just with slightly longer bolts.



Even with the handle sticking out, there’s still a few inches of clearance between it and the oven doors.  Nothing to interfere with opening and closing the oven or pantry doors.


Much simpler and it’ll match the rest of the cabinetry on this side.  You know, once we’ve built and attached doors and drawer fronts.

Painted-Pantry-Door-Closed The only upper cabinet is up, too.


Complete with under cabinet LED pucks to give ample task light.

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