Office Space

While focusing on the kitchen, my office nook didn’t get as much attention.  For a while it had only floors, looking blank and sad.


Then Ben set the drawer boxes and it stalled again.


Once the kitchen was fully functional, we were able to focus on the office.  A matching maple desk top is warm against the white cabinets and drawers.



After spending several days priming and painting, the office is nearly complete.  By complete, I mean useable.


These drawers are already getting loaded up.



We have to add trim under the window before the office is back at 100% capacity.  Though torn sheet rock and foam is beautiful.


I’ll also need to apply a last coat or two of poly on the maple.  Before settling on water based poly, I tested six other options: mineral oil, cutting board oil, Danish oil, butcher block oil, wax, and teak oil.



Based on color, sheen, and water repelling abilities, I loved the paste finishing wax.  It looked natural, but still brought out the depth of the wood.


It looked and felt wonderful – so smooth with a subtle gloss.  To test durability, and stray marker/pen situations, I wiped the desk with a damp cloth.  As expected, the water wiped the wax right off, raising the grain.  I knew right then and there the wax wasn’t for me.  So far, the three coats of Polycrylic with light sanding between is perfect.

In addition to useful office supplies, I celebrated a new office with greenery.


A lemon button fern and succulent.


Just a few small steps left in here.  I’m itching to get everything out of the closet and from under the bed.  To work at a desk instead of a tiny dresser.  Any favorite office file organization systems?

3 thoughts on “Office Space

  1. You have great storage in your office space! Looking good. P.S. Those donkey tails are so cool. I have one in a hanging basket and so far haven’t killed it yet. They are hardy!

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