Stock the Shelves

Now that we’ve lived in this house for a few years, we’ve not only made our way through the house room by room, we’ve gotten a better feel for how we use and actually live in the spaces.  Our only tv stays in the living room, but we had considered putting a second in the nook to the left of the family room fireplace.


After discussing the impending basement remodel, we’ve since agreed on creating a designated ‘theater’ room in the darker basement instead.  With that settled, and a new cabinet in the kitchen for a bar area, the single shelf seemed tall and awkward.


In a matter of minutes, Ben installed a second shelf, centered in the area.  The second matching shelf has created a display space for family photos.  Rather than touching up the old paint color around the new shelf, I worked myself up to repaint the room to match the adjacent living room and kitchen.  Painting around 8 doors, two windows, and the fireplace isn’t my favorite pastime, but the heart wants what it wants.


Naturally, I couldn’t just paint the walls gray, I should freshen up the white on everything first, no?  So that’s what I did, creating a nice flow through the open rooms.


With all the extra stuff on the shelves, I kept the mantle simple to balance.


I’m still undecided whether it’s too full or just enough, but I love having a spot to display and rotate old photos.



Having all my favorites out in the open makes my heart happy, remembering how small my babies were.


Everything’s a mixture: old frames, black and white photos mixed with color, open photo holders.



One holder is a tiny wooden easel, a second a vintage floral frog, and a stump on the bottom.


Funny how a shelf that took a few minutes to build sets about so much change.  Any projects like that pop up for you recently?

2 thoughts on “Stock the Shelves

  1. Your home is just lovely, I really enjoy seeing all the updates you’ve made, and every one of them is so well thought out. I must admit, I can’t wait to see what you do with the pool room eventually. My only project this weekend is repainting my daughters bedroom while she’s away at college. I “think” I used the same paint you did – Manchester Tan sound familiar?

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