Window Seat Planning: Step 1

Most recently, our living room received an update in the form of a camel leather sofa.  Total game changer for the space, per usual, that doesn’t make the room complete.  Nope, it seems there’s always something.  Since we’ve moved in, I’ve imagined a beautiful window seat with shelving on either side of the large front window.


With more pressing projects and complete rooms to finish, it has never been on the priority list, but now it’s nearing the top.  To get a better idea of the space it would require and how the furniture arrangement would change, I did a little switcheroo.  Pulling the sofa a foot away from the window left ample space behind for a two foot deep seat, plus two and a half feet of walking space.


Masking tape currently marks where the built ins would go.


But, pulling the couch forward left no room for the longer linen sofa.  Instead, the club chair with a stump side table fill that side, while still defining the living from dining room.


Opposite the club chair, I pulled the metal and leather chairs (that were temporarily in our bedroom) to round out the seating group without adding bulk.



Living with the closer furniture arrangement hasn’t felt confined or tight 99% of the time. Our only sort of problem is the entertainment center to coffee table spacing, but only when drawers are open.  Closed, the walk area is over three feet wide.  Even with the drawer completely extended, there’s still a foot and a half of room to maneuver.  I’m not sure it’s cause for a slimmer coffee table, but I’m not opposed to it.


A fringe benefit is the tighter grouping makes the 8 by 11 rug more appropriately sized for the space.  Turns out, finding a plush enough wool rug, in the right colors and style in sizes over 8 by 10 aren’t easy to come by.


Knowing the rest of the room works well, I need to finalize my bookcase and seat plan before pulling the trigger on building.  I’ve got the main idea, just tweaking elements until I have a plan I love.  Oddly enough, much of the plan is hinging on a suitable curtain/window covering situation.  I love that the green curtains match the dining sets, but a top down system might make better sense.  Stay tuned for more info on that front.

11 thoughts on “Window Seat Planning: Step 1

  1. I love window seats and am looking forward to seeing the final product! For rugs, these might not be the right style or price… but I’ve used these wool rugs on corporate projects with success! They come in the smaller standard sizes, but also 9’x12′ and 10’x14′
    Of course, patching something together from carpet tiles (interface FLOR, etc) could be a good option, too – but might not have the same plush feel and look as a bound wool rug.

    1. Hello Lovey!

      I know it might seem odd, but with the way that area bumps out four feet further than the entry and dining rooms, it’s the ideal spot for it. Also, because we love the views throughout the house, it will create a cozy spot to enjoy the scenery, which to me is not pointless for that reason alone. I’m always filling the bookshelves I have, so the additional shelving will get used as well. 🙂


  2. Please, please don’t go through with the window seat idea. Why put a window seat in front of a sofa anyway? The new squished together layout does not work. I guess the built ins on either side would work but check no on the window seat.

  3. Are you talking shelves the same height as the window seat, or ones that go to the ceiling? In either case could you just hem the curtains so they skim the seat? I take it you plan to leave the curtains open most of the time, since, no matter what window treatment you use, it will have to contend with all the pillows on the window seat.

    1. Hi Pamela!

      That’s one option to consider, along with Roman shades or something similar. I think we’ve come up with the winning plan that takes care of everything. Stay tuned for more info soon. 🙂


  4. So wish I had room for a window seat plus book shelves in our house. And the view…. I don’t see the room as too crowded/cluttered. But then again I guess it’s all in what you are used to. Our entire house is 842 sq ft. I have bookshelves, but that window seat is not happening around here. That newish sofa is a beautiful color. Great find. I appreciate you outlining the steps you go thru before each remodel/build.

  5. Your seating area is way too cramped with the new design. It looks terrible in the photo. If you want to keep the design, at least get rid of the small chairs and the coffee table.

  6. I would love to see thinner coffee table options! We just adopted a greyhound and his body + our small living room make for awkward situations that could be remedied by a narrow coffee table.

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