Camel Leather Dreams

Long ago, I had dreams of a beautiful leather sofa to star in our living room scene.  Living in a relatively small town, seemingly devoid of clean lined, quality furniture without large rolled arms or overstuffed cushions put a serious damper on those dreams.  For months, I’ve considered the Hamilton leather sofa from West Elm, scrolling through images and scheming a way to get it home from a store several hundred miles away.

It’s beautiful, with classic, clean lines and that gorgeous camel leather I adore.  Here it is, with some of my favorite pieces in what I imagine my grown up living room looking like.


I’ve substituted the green rug for grassy colored curtains, added leaf art in wood frames, with a stump side table for a rustic touch.  A pair of arm chairs would be fantastic, but I have yet to find a pair that wows me.  Back on task-this weekend, I scrolled through Craigslist, casually browsing when I hit the mother lode.  A straight armed, camel leather seven-foot long sofa.  Right away I sent a text, asking if it was still available and when I could take a look.  The following morning we loaded into the truck to make sure it fit the bill, paid the nice guy, and hauled the handsome and comfy couch home.  After a little sofa switcheroo, the new addition looks riiiight at home in the living room.



I love the richness and warmth of the leather, but the coffee table will need a new top because it’s too similar and close to the sofa.



Look at those straight arms with piping detail.

Leather-Sofa-Left Side-Arm-Detail



Much like the Hamilton, this leather is unprotected and ages.  The previous owners had dogs, leaving hair and scratches behind, but no punctures through, giving it a patina.



It’s so soft and enveloping, just sink in cozy.  I’m happy that the cushions are removable, allowing easy cleaning (and Lego digging out), but also swapping the seat cushions for even wear.  Want to know the best part?  I only paid $225 for a real leather sofa in near perfect condition.  I almost feel as though I stole it, but that was the listed price, so I’m assuming everyone involved is happy.


To prevent the back from fading in the sun, I’d like to find a cute blanket to drape between the cushions and back.


With the new addition, our previous couch is in the family room.  This is a better fit both in looks and length than the tired old micro suede couch before.  At 6 inches shorter, it leaves more walking room, while the taller back helps divide the kitchen and family room.


Sometimes (always) it’s fun to see how pieces look in a different room, to bring new life in without getting new everything.


Finally, I had enough patience (and a whole lot of luck) to get exactly what I wanted, without giving up an arm, leg, or my first born to get it.  Any great deals or steals you’ve gotten recently?

21 thoughts on “Camel Leather Dreams

  1. Yes, you did luck out! Frankly, I like this model more than the West Elm couch. If you’re looking for a great leather conditioner, try Cadillac. I use it on handbags, car leather and the couch.

    1. Hi Mike!

      I’m sorry you’re having difficulties, but I haven’t changed anything recently. Unfortunately, I’m not the best with coding, so I’m not sure what the problem could be.


  2. We, too, found a great brand new leather couch a few years ago. Saddle leather, in a similar color, off Craigslist. It was approximately $4000 new. It was never sat on, as it was in a “for looking at” formal living room. We loaded the boys into the truck and happily paid $600 for it.
    Just last evening I picked up a Le Crueset cookware set. 3 different sized Dutch ovens and their covers, a stock pot and cover and 2 cast iron fry pans. All for $75. They would be about $2000 new. These are hardly used.
    And these kind of things NEVER happen to us. God is good!!

  3. We just bought a gorgeous leather sofa…new…for $1,200 (the most expensive sofa we’ve ever owned, by the way.) I love ours but for $225, I’d love yours even more. Now, I’m just hoping to keep it nice for the next couple years before our last two kids leave the nest! Love your home, inside and out!

  4. Hi there, I just stumbled upon your blog. What a wonderful Craigslist find! Do you happen to know the brand and model of the sofa you found on Craigslist? I am really drawn to this color and style of sofa but it has been difficult to find anything similar other than the West Elm Hamilton model.

    1. Hi Kristin!

      The brand is Hancock & Moore, but I don’t know the style name. Honestly, I’m not even sure which retailers carry this brand. The Hamilton from West Elm certainly is beautiful, but you’re right, it’s hard to find something similar and at a better price. Sorry, I realize that wasn’t especially helpful in your search. I hope you find what you’re looking for!!


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