Grown Up Living Room Plans

Over the weekend, Ben installed the kitchen backsplash!  Unfortunately, the pre-mixed mastic is still not completely dry.  Until then, we wait to pull out spacers and grout the gaps.


As we’ve progressed with the kitchen remodel, it’s made me think about the changes I’d like to make in the adjoining rooms.  Our living and family rooms are okay, but a hodge podge of thrifted furniture and DIY projects.  Some pieces I really like, others I’m itching to replace.

I just ordered an 8 by 10 Jute Chenille Herringbone rug from West Elm for the family room.  On sale for $279, I couldn’t pass it up.  I’m going to unroll it as soon as it arrives.

My mind tends to have a snowball effect.  Once I see how great one room can look, the surrounding unfinished spaces look worse.  Which prompted me to come up with a mood board full of the furniture I’m yearning to have.  Grown up furniture.


Seriously, how gorgeous is the Hamilton leather sofa?  Clean lines, no overstuffing, and it doesn’t sit too close to the floor.  Not too modern or traditional and the perfect camel hue.  If only there was a West Elm close enough to allow real life touching and lounging.  I’ve made a vow to myself to get a real sofa within the next year.  Commencing saving now.

Our living room is a rug challenge as we need at least a 9 by 12 foot to allow all furniture to sit on.  Ideally, we’d layer a larger plain rug under a softer, patterned rug.  The Maui Chunky Loop rug gets great reviews, but I’m worried it isn’t soft enough.  Or may shed a lot.  Any experience with this rug you can share?  Currently at $313, with free shipping after a 70% discount, I’m more likely to take the chance on it.  Now to convince Ben…  Muhahaha.

If I didn’t already have green curtains, this bold rug from Chairish (or something similar) would liven the space.  Chairish is one of my favorite sites to browse because it’s like a high end virtual thrift store.  Vintage furniture heaven!


As I read in a recent Better Homes and Gardens, green is nature’s neutral.  I couldn’t agree more.  I adore the way green makes any room feel.

I already have a few of the smaller items to get me started.  The faux cowhide pillow and art prints – that I still need to frame and hang.  A similar home-made stump side table, that I’m planning to sand smooth and just clear coat.  A few years ago I bought similar green pillows, also from World Market, but the color is slightly more green.  A yellow stripe throw blanket, close to this style.  My fiddle leaf fig is smaller, but if I can keep it alive, it can become a big, beautiful tree.

I’ve run through the ways I can make a tripod lamp, similar to this one.  Maybe I can get that done soon.  The table lamp is from Schoolhouse Electric, but I used a thrifted base to create a knock off version.


A pair of modern wingback chairs with navy stripe pillows could balance out the petite linen sofa I refinished.  Acrylic coffee tables are always pretty, but I’m not sure it’d work with our little guys.  Doesn’t stop me from dreaming.

So really, all I need is a gorgeous sofa, modern wingback chairs, beautiful rugs, and several thousand dollars to buy it all.  Only the expensive things.  Furniture that sets the real adults apart from the imposters.  Someday, I’ll become a real adult with nice furniture.  It may happen once my kids are grown and moved out, but hey, it’ll happen.  Getting all of my ideas into a group really helps me with my plan.  A course I can stay on and use to judge anything I may consider in the future.

If you have any experience with the items listed above (or similar pieces), feel free to share your thoughts.  Reviews really help me make decisions on bigger purchases.

8 thoughts on “Grown Up Living Room Plans

  1. A wood tripod lamp is super easy to make! I picked up a tripod at our local consignment shop for $15, bought a lamp kit from Home Depot for $13. We drilled a hole through the plastic piece at the top of the tripod and installed the lamp kit. I think they are priced outrageously in store considering what it cost to make it. The pictures aren’t the best here, but you get the idea. I love the effect it has in our living room.

    1. Hello Jennifer!

      Green is super cheery, without seeming overwhelming in a space. And no, you’re not alone. Spending money on home improvements is okay, but the filler? Ahhhh!


  2. Hahaha love your “grown up furniture” comment. When does one feel like a grown up? ? I still haven’t reached that yet. Maybe someday!


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