Kitchen Update

Months ago, when we installed the island bar top, we chose maple for its durable, stand up to abuse nature.


To finish it, I applied a coat of teak oil, but didn’t like the way it yellowed the wood.  So, I sanded it smooth and put on four layers of polyurethane.  After a month or two of use, the poly started flaking off-bummer.  Knowing I didn’t like just oil, I settled on staining the wood dark, then applying an oil finish for easy touch ups.  Of course this sounds so much easier than it was to sand everything a third time, getting into every corner, but it was 100% worth trapping myself inside a Dexter-esque plastic bubble.


It’s still a hard to scratch or dent surface, unlike the softer walnut, but even better, the dark finish makes the island more cohesive.


In other island news, we have new stools!  We brought the old World Market trio with us from the old house, which was better than nothing.  Though the extra two feet of counter space made three stools spaced too far apart.


Not knowing exactly what I wanted, I waited, and waited.  And waited some more, until a stroke of pure luck.  As I wandered around World Market, I spotted a notice about the Twist stools, they had been recalled due to the weld at the seat base breaking.  At home, I checked the code on the bottom of the stools, and sure enough, the numbers matched.  Next time I had a chance, I popped in the store to get more details and ask how to go about the recall.  The nice manager told me to bring the stools in for a store credit or cash refund.  At that same time, I checked out their stool selection, but didn’t see any I loved and fit my needs.  I knew I wanted something durable and wipeable, so fabric was out.  Light weight was also a plus, to make it easier for the boys and their friends to pull out.  Finally, something with plastic feet, to protect the slate floors from scratches.  After getting the cash refund, I turned to the internet to score a set of four stools.


Sleuthing brought up a 29 inch Better Homes and Gardens café stool with excellent reviews.  It ticked all the boxes, durable metal, wipeable, light weight, with black rubber feet, and only $40 each.  After a debate between silver and white, I decided on white to keep the focus on the actual island and all that beautiful walnut.



With all the work we’ve put in over the summer to rebuild the deck, replace windows and siding, it’s nice to make a little more progress in the kitchen.  Though it’s been fully functional for about ten months, we still have minor things to finish up.


Like making a set of glass cabinet doors for the dish cabinet.


Side note, thanks for the help about the Command picture hanging strips.  They’re working great to hang the wood sign on the marble wall, without drilling.




Opposite, the base cabinet is done with the bar set up, but an upper cabinet will still go above, with glass doors.


In our usual fashion, these finishes will probably be finished in a year, since it’s not a pressing issue.  So, that’s the current status of the kitchen-100% functional, mostly finished, with a few details left to get to.

4 thoughts on “Kitchen Update

  1. Hey. I checked in after not having done so in quite some time. Could you elaborate a bit on the thought process that went into designing this kitchen? For example, why the two different heights and wood finishes on the island, why the white with two different woods and white stools? They are all not ugly in themself, but I guess for me it does not look cohesive. At all. You had so much space to create this kitchen and when I saw it last, you had put in the beautiful slate tile floor. Now it is so cramped and, I don’t know. I am disappointed I guess. Sorry.

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