Green and Plaid Thanksgiving

Each Thanksgiving, I combine plates, glasses, and silverware we already have with a few new pieces to create a table setting.  In 2011, we had a navy and gold theme, complete with DIY’d bread boats.

Thanksgiving 2011 Place Setting

2012 was the year of neutrals including gray, gold, copper, and wood.

Thanksgiving 2012 Table Setting Candles

In 2013, seemingly to make up for the lack of color the previous year, I went color crazy with cacti, pink, orange, yellow, and red.


This year, fresh and simple won me over.  Plain white plates and bowls, clear glasses and silver flatware are always my base layer.  To shake things up and create a different look, I add color through the centerpiece, napkins, and accents.


After spotting a black and white flannel in the fabric store, I knew it’d make the perfect runner.  Along with mustard yellow printed fabric to create napkins.



In place of flowers, I went for practicality in the form of living herbs.  Not only does the potted greenery brighten the table, we can use the fragrant leaves to season the meal.


Green stemmed goblets continue the color around, and are my most recent dish addition.


In place of standard candle holders, I popped tea lights into black and gold plaid tumblers from Target.  Perfect way to use the decor after the holiday.  Shallow leaf-shaped bowls are used as butter dishes and scattered around the table along with hand carved wooden knives.


For a little warmth, wooden coasters, made by my brother-in-law as wedding favors, are mostly decorative.


All that’s left to do is get everyone over, make the food, and enjoy the company.  This is the first big holiday meal we’ll get to create in our remodeled kitchen-those double ovens and extra burners should come in super handy.

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