Built in Hutch

If we hop into the way back machine, it shows a kitchen closed off by a wall of dark oak cabinetry.  Ignore the boxes, this was right around moving in.


Not only did those cabinets make the kitchen feel isolated, it made a fun game of ring around the island to get anything ready to cook.  When we remodeled the kitchen, we pulled those out.


To open the kitchen to the dining and living rooms on the other side, we knocked down most of that wall, leaving us with the glorious open floor plan we love.


Across from the breakfast table, there’s about six feet of wall to work with.  Initially, we considered hanging art or a tv above a base cabinet, like so:


The base cabinet became our bar area, which has quickly expanded from a few bottles to a variety.


To accommodate bottles, bar ware, extra serving platters, and dishes, we agreed a built-in hutch above the base cabinet was the best use of space.


My plan included one open shelf for easy access for drinks in addition to three shelves closed off by glass doors.  Ben surprised me by including under cabinet lights to illuminate the glasses.


To easily store serving platters, dishes, and anything else, we wanted adjustable shelves.  Tucking the tracks between 1/4 inch thick MDF gives a smooth inside.


And here it is, done.


Kidding, only the building was complete there.  Primer and paint to the rescue!


This was after paint, but before shelves went in, but take a look at the way the lights make the glasses sparkle.


I’m sure the placement of everything inside will change many times, but I’m calling the hutch complete.


On the counter, the bottles are super easy to get to, along with glasses right within reach.


Glass front cabinets are one of my favorite elements in kitchens, striking the perfect balance between solid doors and open shelving.



Taking the cabinet sides down to the counter grounds the upper cabinet, making it one piece and gives this small side definition.


Platters, large bowls, and other special smaller pieces are safely on display in the above cabinet, but can easily be pulled out to use.


Before, those pantries took over that side of the kitchen.


Wow, that feels like a million miles ago, but a year ago, we had that view.  Now, it’s bright and open, while still making that corner functional.


Wrapping up small projects is on the list before we gut the basement, and it feels amazing to cross this off the list.  Using it is pretty great, and having a drink station came in so handy on Thanksgiving.

3 thoughts on “Built in Hutch

  1. Have you ever shared a floor plan? I didn’t even realize that your fireplace was at the opposite end of your kitchen… I thought it was to the left of your front door! But I guess that’s the dining area?

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