Wrecking Ball

We sure know how to holiday around here.  As a Christmas gift to each other, we’re tackling the kitchen remodel.  Tuesday evening, Ben removed the bay of 2 feet deep pantry cabinets.  He was able to get each one out fully intact, so they’re in the garage, waiting for a new home.


Christmas Eve morning, we picked up 10,000 pounds of slate tile for the kitchen and pool house.   After Ben and a friend unloaded it all, the remodel literally started with a bang.  Ben was itching to knock out this wall.  Unlike our last kitchen remodel, this wall is not load bearing, thanks to free span trusses.


All the planning and ideas of how this would look still didn’t prepare us for the result.  It’s amazing how open everything is!  We could host a cooking show in here now.  Okay, not right now.  Maybe once we’re finished.


Over the weekend, we installed pine tongue and groove ceiling planks.  Keeping the kitchen functional as long as possible is our goal, so the ceiling was something we could work on without interrupting anything else.


Replacing the large flourescent light with 6 inch cans and LED bulbs has really changed the mood of the room.


Soft light radiates down, rather than the surgical light before.  After finishing the ceiling, we started emptying and removing cabinets.  Instead of this:


We’ve got this:


Fridge in the dining room.  Clutter all over the counters until we get more bins to pack everything away.


A wonderfully large opening connecting the rooms.


And loads more work ahead of us.


Next up, removing upper cabinets, spraying the ceiling white, and then out with everything else.

28 thoughts on “Wrecking Ball

    1. Hi Wendy!

      Glad to hear from you! It seems we’re pretty impatient when if comes to plans and action. Not much delay there once we’ve made up our minds. 🙂 So excited to chug along and share more.


  1. Wow – amazing what taking down the wall did for your space! The openness is great. From the pictures it appears to have given more definition separating the dining room and family room area. I too admire how you have made a plan and are now tackling it. Can’t wait to see the project unfold!!

  2. Wow. The new ceiling is amazing! I was worried it’s look too busy or heavy since the ceiling isn’t super tall but oh my gosh, it’s so deliciously cozy…as if that was the way the kitchen was always meant to be. Bravo.

    1. Hello Selenablake!

      That’s what’s so funny about tongue and groove. It seems like it’d lower everything and feel really dark. But it’s sleek and doesn’t really attract a lot of attention. And it’s so much nicer looking than the old knock down that was there before.


        1. Hey Selena!

          I love the look and open feeling vaulted ceilings give, but it’s not an option with this house. Our trusses are free span, so the roof wouldn’t have adequate support. I’m also not sure I could handle a project that all encompassing right now. Eek, so much stuff to relocate. 😁


  3. That ceiling is so beautiful! I might be in the minority here, but I actually love the natural pine color and wouldn’t paint it white. I’m sure it will look great either way, though!

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