Easy Bathroom Accessories

Utilitarian spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms are always easier to accessorize than living/bedroom areas, simply because you’re aiming for function.  But function doesn’t have to equal ugly.  To finish off bathrooms, I select items that serve a purpose, are still pleasing to the eye, but aren’t always found in the bath section.  If you’re looking to add character, here are my favorite additions.

  • Cute towels and hooks:  Go crazy and pick a fun pattern and/or color because towels are so easy to swap out.  Near the shower, single label hooks hold peppy striped Turkish towels for a dose of fun.
  • basement-bathroom-finished-from-door-straightFramed mirrors:  I always ditch the builder standard plate-glass mirror in favor of a framed one.  Pretty mirrors are everywhere, so don’t settle for boring!  Our main bathroom sports a vintage campaign style mirror that came with a dresser set.


Our master bath has a unique round metal framed mirror to offset the rigid lines throughout the room.


Another vintage wooden mirror, that came with our bedroom dresser, is a welcome warm addition to the cool neutrals of the basement bathroom.


Also, to get great, flattering lighting, use sconces instead of overhead lights.  Fewer shadows are cast because the sconces light from each side.

  • Add vertical storage shelves:  Short on floor space?  Go up!  In our main bathroom, we removed a wide vanity to add a smaller vanity plus a floor to ceiling shelf stack.  At 16 inches wide, it doesn’t eat up much of our floor plan, but does offer a great deal of storage.

Main Bathroom Shelving

By widening the basement shower, we narrowed the space between it and the door.  Rather than letting that space go to waste, four floating shelves fill the void, putting it to good use.


  • Glass storage:  Especially in bathrooms that guests often use, I like keeping essentials in plain sight.  No one wants to rummage through cabinets to find cotton balls or soap.  Cylindrical jars keep band aids, soap, cotton balls and cotton swabs handy on a shelf in the main bathroom.

Store Toiletries in Sight

A triple stacked glass container on our master bathroom counter is used daily.

Master Bathroom Toilet

Four black lidded canisters fill a basement bathroom shelf, but keep those items out of limited drawer space.


  • Art, preferably without eyes:  Almost anything goes here, but I always feel strange adding art with eyes.  With moisture concerns, I avoid using anything too expensive or precious.  Vintage, almost ugly oil paintings are great.


Or you can think outside the box and hang something different, like vintage arrows.

Cedar-Tub-Shelf-in-BathroomSimple Instagram photos add a bit of color, too.


Near the toilet, an added outlet (on the same circuit as a GFI outlet, so it’s grounded) is a great spot for a little night light, or perhaps a fancy heated toilet seat.

For easy clean up, I prefer relatively clutterless counters.  Even so, I love to add something pretty, like a small plant or picture frame along with a drinking glass and soap.



  • Trays:  To keep drawers and cabinets free for toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc., I corral toilet paper in a wooden tray or basket.

House-Tour-Four-Years-In-Main-Bath-VanityAgain, keeping necessities in sight avoids awkward searching or running out.


  • Upgrade shampoo, conditioner, and soap bottles:  I know my OCD is showing here, but I really love how sleek and fancy real soap pumps make a space feel.


Also handy when you shop at Costco and don’t want to keep a giant bottle in the shower.


  • Extra towels:  Have extra space?  Free up room in the linen closet by keeping towels in the bathroom.  A great accessory, but guests can easily help themselves.


Of course stylish garbage cans and shower curtains never hurt.

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