Pool House Kitchen Plans

If you’ve been following for a while, you already know we’ve been chipping away at the pool house, which happens to be the biggest room in this house.  What started as a leaky, water stained dated room is slowly starting to come together.


This year, we ripped out the old fiberglass ceiling sheeting and painstakingly installed individual tongue and groove pine planks.


To create the light, bright atmosphere we’re after, we then stained the large beams and painted the ceiling white.


While already a huge improvement, the rest of the room still needs serious TLC, but today I’m focusing on the plan for this little offshoot area.   What was a wet bar, separated from the main room by three steps, will become a small kitchen.


Work started in this spot four or so years back, when we discovered the raised platform was completely unnecessary.


For better flow, we demolished the platform, then lowered the door and window to create a seamless transition from inside to out.



Today, it looks like this, with the back deck directly through that door:


Those floating white boxes represent the future range and sink.  We’ll have to reroute the drain pipe that drops into the concrete to be able to center the range on the wall.


Something kind of like this:


Or maybe this is a better visual:


Before our kitchen remodel, but after we had already purchased the cook top and double ovens, Ben found a 48 inch DCS range with tall backguard on Craigslist for $1,500.  Normal retail price is around $7,000 plus around $800 for the backguard.  Before this amazing find, we planned to add a 30 inch range, which would have cost around $1,500 so this was a huge score.


We’ll center the range, with a custom-built vent hood cover and an open shelf or two above.  Seeing as we’ve loved the stainless steel counters in our master bath and laundry room, we’re going that route again here.  A small bar sink will go off to the right, but we’re debating whether or not to add a stainless steel back splash from the counter to the shelf.


Range    .    Faucet    .    Tile    .    Bison Print    .    Serving Bowl    .    Drinking Glasses    .    Hand Soap    .    Cabinet Color

Over on the other side is an angled wall, with a five foot wide window in each section.


The plan includes building benches below, with hinged tops for pool toy, floatie, etc., storage inside.  A pair of sconces will flank the window, with a table and chairs for a little place to hang out or eat a snack.


Union Square Sconces    .    Batik Pillow    .    Indigo Lumbar Pillow    .    Windsor Chairs

Just this weekend, we stocked up on our sheeting to cover the walls, hoping we can start hanging it soon!  Where do you fall on the one or two shelves?  How about the stainless back splash?

P.S. For more pool house progress and plans, check out the overall design board as well as the bathroom plan of attack.


11 thoughts on “Pool House Kitchen Plans

  1. Curious on why you wanted such a large oven for this smallish kitchen? I’d love to have one like it tho with the smaller oven as well as the larger one. So FUN to watch all your plans come together!

    1. Hi Jeanne!

      Good question! Our initial plan was to add a standard 30 inch range, then we found this one on Craigslist for only $1,500. That price is either similar or cheaper than the slide in ranges we had considered, so financially this just made sense. 🙂


  2. I love the stainless steel/mossy green cabinets with open wooden shelves design! How much use will this kitchen get? Would it be mostly a staging area for preparing large meals for Thanksgiving and such? If it’s going to get a real workout I might do the stainless steel backsplash… and a bigger sink. But if you’re only going with a bar sink, I’m assuming this area won’t have a whole lot going on besides use of the range/oven? In which case I think a stainless steel backsplash might end up looking rather industrial compared to the rest of the decor. But that’s just me! I think you like the look of stainless steel in large expanses more than I do. 🙂

    1. Hi MEL!

      Um, we’re not sure on the usage, mostly because this never had a range here so it’s hard to judge. We’re thinking it will mostly be used for summer baking and cooking smellier things, like fish. We’re thinking a bar sink to have something to wash hands/some dishes, but our kitchen is the closest room coming in from the pool. Good point on the backsplash. I’m okay with some stainless, but I do know the counter, range, and sink will still be a fair amount. 🙂


  3. Overall I really like the design of the kitchen area, but just curious about the scale of the oven with a bar sink…maybe more fitting a large sink or small IKEA farm house sink maybe a better fit since the oven is so large? Also not a huge fan of the stainless Steele backslash…. maybe some warmer? just thinking out load.

    1. Hey Katrina!

      I agreed with you 100% until I really started thinking about the use of this space. I don’t want to go with a teeny tiny bar sink, but think something between 15 and 20 inches will still be okay. I go back and forth on the backsplash, so we’ll see what happens there. 🙂


  4. Two shelves, no stainless backsplash. I think you’d spend more time wiping watermarks, splashes, etc. off it than necessary. Love the cabinet color and the walnut color brought from the rest of the house. What are you primarily going to be using this kitchen for? Does the large stove have a grill built into it?

    1. Hey Shawnda!

      That’s a very good point, and maybe with a good coat of paint we won’t need anything else. 🙂 We’re thinking this will mostly be used for summer baking, smelly things like fish, etc. It has a griddle, so we can use it for grilling purposes during the colder months.


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