DIY State ‘Flag’ Art

What do you hang over a bed?  Oddly enough, I don’t have much experience in this department as our bedroom has a window above.


Even our previous home had a window, thus limiting the placement of art to the sides.


Heck, our guest bedroom is surrounded by built-in bookshelves, again not allowing art to be hung over the bed.


All that to say, I’ve had a hard time figuring out what to add above the basement bedroom bed.  I started with a print from a very talented fellow Montanan, Annie Bailey.  While I love the art, the dimensions weren’t right for this elongated space.


I also don’t like hanging detailed art high up or in a place you can’t stand right in front and soak it all in.  Basically, I wanted/needed something long and narrow, simple, but still interesting.


After considering another engineer print, I decided to go a different route with a ‘flag’.  Quotes because it isn’t really a flag, but it is a design on fabric.  Ideally, the Montana state flag would be beautiful, but it’s a far cry from the well designed California flag.  Haha, maybe we can have a do over?


Instead, I opened Photoshop and created a simple, graphic design that I feel is representative of Montana.

Montana Flag Art Design.jpg

With the design ready, I printed it out on sheets of paper and taped them all together in a Frankenstein’s monster way.  Then I dug through my fabric remnants and found a piece of natural linen slightly larger than my desired finish size of 18 inches tall by 45 inches wide.  Ironing linen is incredibly annoying, so I helped the process along with spray starch.  Once my design and fabric were ready, I taped the design to the fabric and traced to transfer.


Using left over paint from the main bathroom vanity, I filled in the design and allowed it to dry overnight.  Then I pinned and sewed the two short sides as well as the bottom, leaving the top unfinished.


To hang the fabric, I had a few options to consider.  One, a dowel through a pocket at the top.  Two, stapled to a thin strip like the engineer print.  Three, wrapped around a frame, similar to a canvas.  Four, tacked to the wall at the corners.  Or five, wrapped over a thin strip at the top, which is what I chose.  Because this is fabric, I wanted the piece to have a little movement when the air picks up.


To do this, I rummaged through our scrap pile and found a strip of 1 by 2 pine and cut it one inch shorter than the fabric width.  I wrapped the fabric over the front and top of the board, stapling the fabric to the back to secure in place.


A saw tooth hook attached at the center of the wood easily hangs from a nail in the wall.

If seen from the side, a little bit of the wood peeks out.


The thickness of the board holds the fabric off the wall, giving a slight shadow.


Unlike the framed print before, this wider design fills the wide, squatty space.


Still on my to do list is find similar night stands, but for now a petite dresser and a thrifted sewing table work.



It’s simple enough not to compete with the art on the sides, but still noticeable from a distance.  Any artful additions to your home recently?  Don’t be afraid to think outside the frame and embrace a unique hanging method.

6 thoughts on “DIY State ‘Flag’ Art

  1. Love this and such a great idea! I want something Montana in our home but everything you see around our area is 406 or MT or the state with the heart where we are. You’ve inspired me to ‘play’ a little on my own!

    1. Hi Keturah!

      Yep, I wasn’t happy with the options out there, either. Definitely play around with options and incorporate things that matter to you! I’d love to see what you come up with. 🙂


  2. I love this! I don’t like to hang anything heavy above a bed (no matter how well it’s anchored), so this is perfect. Great job on the design.

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