Installing a Vent Hood

Sometimes, when doing the same thing over and over again, you have to switch gears.  Though we don’t have much sheeting left to hang, over the weekend, Ben decided to hang install the kitchen vent hood.


We bought this one over three years ago for our main kitchen, but after opening up the kitchen wall, I didn’t want anything blocking the new open feel.  Plus, we have a big whole house fan about ten feet away, so it seemed redundant.  Having purchased a 48″ wide DCS range off Craigslist for the pool house, we knew it would eventually be put to good use.

To install the vent hood, Ben first secured a 3/4 inch thick strip of wood at the vent hood back height.  There’s a little lip for the housing to rest on, making it a bit easier to screw into the wall.  While Ben held it in place, I screwed into the predrilled holes to keep it in place.  With the frame up, Ben installed the fan and duct work to get it all in working order.


The venting angles into the dead space between the main house and pool house roof lines before angling up and out the roof.


Next, we’ll build a frame around the hood and duct work, sheet over it, and paint it when we get to the walls.


Everything is great, except the buttons on the front, which I had completely forgotten about as the fan had been in storage all this time.


While not detrimental, the button placement does play into the walnut accent I want at the bottom of the hood.


Ben and I discussed various options such as forgoing the walnut strip and leaving the front edge steel.  Or building the frame out around the hood, leaving a 1 to 2 inch gap to reach in a press the buttons.


Each option wasn’t perfect and had issues, so we’re planning the simplest: notching out the walnut strip around the buttons.  It’s not ideal, but a solution we can both agree on.  I know we have much more to complete, but I can’t help getting excited over the details that will finish off this space.

One thought on “Installing a Vent Hood

  1. I would leave the stainless hood exposed and just box in the top piping. The stainless of the hood will tie in with the stainless of the cooker below.

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