Cottage Kitchen Progress

Back at the beginning of the year, we started working on a kitchen remodel in a small 1940’s cottage.  The kitchen was small, but didn’t maximize the space.

A wall between the dining room and kitchen divided the already cramped rooms, making both feel even smaller.


A soffit held the cabinets down one foot, which is valuable real estate in a little kitchen.  The original cabinets had seen better days.  Dated finishes on every surface, with a hodge podge of decades of updates.


Removing the load bearing wall was the first order of business.  In order to support the load above, a beam with a header at door height divides the two spaces.


Though the layout didn’t change drastically, boasts more storage and a balanced layout. The open door frame at the back leads to a back entrance as well as the stairs to the basement.


Now, the range sits centered between cabinets, rather than awkwardly tucked against the wall.  A microwave doubles as a vent hood, saving valuable counter space.


Before, this was the view from the hall:

Cottage Kitchen from Hall Before

Now, it’s open, bright, and cheery.


To bring a little cottage charm into the otherwise neutral kitchen, we went with a colorful back splash tile.


From that back landing, this was the dreary view:


Now, the white cabinets look fresh and clean, simple black hardware add a touch of contrast.


The tile is still missing grout, but it was such a fun addition I had to share.


A few cabinet doors were damaged in shipping, so we’re waiting on the replacements, then a few little touch ups to wrap up this kitchen, so stay tuned for more.  Until then, what’s your favorite way to brighten up a kitchen?

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