Room Makeovers

The rooms shown below are what we’d consider finished as of July 2014, though our house is constantly evolving and changing.  For a more dramatic effect, I included a few before photos.

Master Bathroom:

Main Bathroom:

Boys Bedroom:

Guest Room:

Family Room:

Check back for more as we complete rooms.

4 thoughts on “Room Makeovers

    1. Hello Michelle!

      Both tiles we used are from Home Depot. The slate is Montauk Black. I haven’t seen it in our store recently, but it is online. The shower is Greecian White Marble. We bought 12 by 12 squares to cut in half to create a custom pattern at a fraction if the price. I hope that answers your questions, but I’m always happy to discuss!


    1. Hello Lena!

      Thank you so much for your compliments!

      We had a local stainless steel manufacturer make the stainless shower pan. Google your area and stainless fabricator to see what’s around you. Our place also makes duct work if that helps narrow your search.


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