Do the Polka

Dots, that is, thanks to Ikea.  The boys and I made a somewhat impromptu trip to Minnesota to visit family and friends.  Trips back always include an Ikea run, this time looking for pillow inserts and a rug.  The lovely as ever Shavonda super sweetly sent me two Lappljung Ruta covers, so I bought two inserts.


While I’m super impressed with the cover quality (especially for ten bucks!), I’m not as happy with the Inner inserts.  I guess for $2.99 I can’t really complain.  Unfortunately, I bought two thinking they’d nicely fill each pillow.  Wrong.  I had to use both for one plump pillow.  Now I’m wishing I hadn’t been in such a hurry, because the Fjädrar down inserts are only $6.99.  Oh well, I can always make an insert.

As for rug shopping, I checked out the Magical Thinking Triangle Chain Rug, but didn’t love it for 89 bucks.  When I stumbled on the Ullgump Dot Rug for only $19.99, I had to get it.

Polka dots are fun, but don’t clash with the striped curtains.


Orange isn’t a prominent color in our house, but it’s slowly growing on me.  Just like the orange background of the Green Eggs and Ham painting.


Rather than spending more money on a large (8 by 10 or larger) rug, I decided to get something smaller to fit between the beds.  I don’t think I’d be willing to put any more of this bold color on the floor.


My other option was a 5 by 8 blue and cream flat weave chevron rug from Home Goods for $69.  It was super tempting, but I wasn’t thrilled with how thin it was.  Even hanging, the corners and edges had begun to curl.

Aside from three zoo trips, a Mall of America day (with a quick Ikea stop before), mini golf, and a few beach days, I helped my sister with a few projects. This two tone dresser is hers:

While visiting with my interior designer cousin, she told me about a product, Wall Flats that she just used in a house.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stop thinking of these light weight panels.  Ready to paint and much lower commitment than tile, tack to the wall in each corner and you’re done.

Those Little Red Stickers

I can.not.resist.  Target in general is a money and time suck, in the best way possible.  But those clearance stickers get me more often than not.  On my last visit I went in for extra long twin bedding (got it).  The sheets were full price (maybe I’ll get a second set in the fall-after college clearance), but I did get Threshold down alternative blankets for 50% off.  How awesome is everything Threshold?!  Lurve.


Naturally, I couldn’t limit myself to the bedding.  I mean, I have to walk by the home decor.  Literally, have to go past to get to the bedding.  And I spotted more clearance signs there.  70% off calls my name every time.  Threshold’s metal cane-look table came home with me.  Originally $89.99, I snagged it for $26.98.  Now it happily lives in the family room, between the ReStore chairs.


Like a racoon, I’m instantly attracted to shiny things, so it fits.  And that little red sticker made it all possible.  While I made the pillow cases for the boys, I also made a new set of pillows for the chairs.  The sit/stay commands gave me a little chuckle.

But here’s a little more Target goodness, on clearance.  Threshold Diamond Pillow, Nate Berkus Brass Rivet Table Lamp, Threshold Monogram Mug.

What’s your all-time favorite Target clearance score?

Gimme a Giveaway Winner & Top Twelve: Outdoor

Happy very last Friday in July!  I know I say this every month, but summers really seem to pass quickly.  So, let’s get to the winner of the Vol. 25 vintage inspired science poster.  Our winner is Stephanie B, who 100% loved band!

With summer in full swing and a nearly finished (and usable) deck, I’m dreaming of a fun, relaxing, pretty outdoor space.  So, here’s a round-up of my current favorite outdoor finds.


From West Elm

1.  Bright Shapes Melamine Plates:  So cute, and even usable indoors once summer has gone.

2.  Jardine Single Lounger:  Can we say comfortable?  Lounge around in style.

3.  Outdoor Rio Tile Pillow:  Pillows are an easy and quick way to add color and comfort to any space.  Don’t neglect the outdoor spaces.

From World Marker

4.  Yellow Enamel Forks:  These silverware pieces are just plain fun.  I want ’em all.

5.  Green Striped Landon Stool:  As a coffee table or perhaps even another quick seat (I haven’t tested that theory).

6.  Antique White Classic Adirondack Chair:  This classic works everywhere.  Go white or in any fun color-or several!

From Ikea

7.  Vaken Glasses:  Fun shape and color.

8.  Trosso Plant Pot:  This planter is a great clean shape and neutral to let your beautiful flowers or herbs stand out.

9.  Brommo Chaise:  Seriously, how fantastic is this chair?!  Not immediately pegged as a cheapie Ikea piece, right?  Ha-ta!

From Target

10.  Threshold Ordway Wicker Set:  I pet these chairs every time I pass by.  I want.

11.  Smith & Hawken Bird House:  Give birds a stylish house, too.

12.  Single Point Rope Hammock Chair:  Hammock chair?  Can’t pass that up!

Green Eggs and Ham

Filling a large wall can be tricky.  In the boy’s room, there’s a big blank wall.  Well, was.  Before giving it a makeover, I had hung a gallery wall.  Which was fun, but some of those pieces moved above the beds.  That seemed like it would be too many small frames in one space.  For this wall, I wanted something big and fun.


Maybe XXL Wall Letters?  Cute.  Traced shapes filled in?  The boys would have fun doing that.  Toy collection display?  Nah, didn’t want Ev to play with the toys at night.  Simple abstract painting, could be awesome.  Then I stumbled on a Warhol Campbell’s Tomato Soup painting in a teen space and fell hard.

Ultimately, I was most inspired to make an over sized painting of an everyday object.  Rather than a soup can, I asked  the boys to choose their three favorite books.  Both chose Green Eggs and Ham as a favorite, which seemed perfect for their room.  A stop to Michael’s with 40% coupon in hand and I left with a 2 by 4 foot canvas.  The proportions of the book and canvas aren’t the same and I wanted it horizontal, so I chose a section of the book cover to enlarge.  Using the high school art trick, drawing a grid on the image and canvas for points of reference, I (roughly) recreated a few letters, plate, and guy.  Tangent, why doesn’t this guy have a name?!

V helped with some of the painting, filling in large white and orange areas.  Once it dried, we hung it on their wall.  A little higher than I thought looked right, but we lean against this wall when we read books.


The bits of orange in the pillow and lighter orange in the thrift store print tie in nicely.


Again, I think framing out the canvas will finish off the painting.  Even better, this art was affordable, light weight, and the boys chose the content.  Triple threat.  Ha.

What’s your favorite way to fill a large wall?  Do you have a favorite large piece of art?

Summer Playhouse

For me, thrift store art is hit or miss.  Mostly misses with ugly florals, but every once in a while, something great pops up, like this signed two color screen print titled Summer Playhouse:


There was a similar old man print, but I didn’t think I could talk Ben into liking it.


That print is precisely what prompted an art shift in the boys’ freshly revamped room.  I had hung a constellation embroidery set above their bookshelf.


But it felt too top-heavy with the art a good six inches wider than the shelf.  How lucky is it that this $10 print and frame was the same width as the shelf?  Serendipity, people.  Not the John Cusack movie, just a happy accident.


Especially because I had no idea where I would put it when I bought it.  I just knew I liked it.  And had to have it.  The details and colors are great, and it’s a limited edition.  And there are two boys, just like mine.


Now the sky maps flank the window.


One more wall to add art to.  Still haven’t gotten around to de-uglying the little kitchen set.  Whatever, the boys will probably out grow it soon.  Buuuuut, their room is one step closer to being finished.

What rooms have you been working on lately?  Finishing up a project?  Just getting started?