Those Little Red Stickers

I can.not.resist.  Target in general is a money and time suck, in the best way possible.  But those clearance stickers get me more often than not.  On my last visit I went in for extra long twin bedding (got it).  The sheets were full price (maybe I’ll get a second set in the fall-after college clearance), but I did get Threshold down alternative blankets for 50% off.  How awesome is everything Threshold?!  Lurve.


Naturally, I couldn’t limit myself to the bedding.  I mean, I have to walk by the home decor.  Literally, have to go past to get to the bedding.  And I spotted more clearance signs there.  70% off calls my name every time.  Threshold’s metal cane-look table came home with me.  Originally $89.99, I snagged it for $26.98.  Now it happily lives in the family room, between the ReStore chairs.


Like a racoon, I’m instantly attracted to shiny things, so it fits.  And that little red sticker made it all possible.  While I made the pillow cases for the boys, I also made a new set of pillows for the chairs.  The sit/stay commands gave me a little chuckle.

But here’s a little more Target goodness, on clearance.  Threshold Diamond Pillow, Nate Berkus Brass Rivet Table Lamp, Threshold Monogram Mug.

What’s your all-time favorite Target clearance score?

16 thoughts on “Those Little Red Stickers

  1. Your so right about Target being a time suck & happy place, lol 🙂 Lemme see biggest Target clearance score…..recently, most likely a large wood try I picked up

  2. Wow from $89.99 to $26.98…it would be a crime not to buy the table LOL at least that’s what I would tell my hubby! Love it!

  3. When my hubs and I moved from rural Pennsylvania to Atlanta in the early 90’s, I discovered Target and their lovely clearance aisles! I bought tons of stuff super cheap! Just a couple of years ago, I scored two matching fabric ottomans for 70% off. Love your pillows!!

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