Going for the Gold

Hey there, everyone and happy Friday!  After a week of sick kids (and now I’m getting the same cold) I’m really ready for a weekend.  While the boys have napped, I’ve worked several gold items into our house.  Some serve a purpose and others are face lifted items we already had.  Here’s one that is super useful to me:


A stump, slit cut in the side (using a hack saw), then gilded with Antique Gold Rub’n Buff.


Is now a handy recipe card holder in the kitchen.  But it can also display a picture or store recent important receipts or coupons.


While I had the Rub’n Buff out, I used it on a plain white tray.  Eyeballing it, I taped off a design and used a scrap of old t-shirt to buff gold over the rest.


Hello fun little tray!


I shall use you to control our remotes.


Because I couldn’t stop there, (addicting much?) I covered over the flourescent orange ends of this little timer.  They boys got a few from the dentist, so one is living on the guest room bookshelves.


Odd, I’m developing an hour-glass collection.  Perhaps to go along with my recently discovered owl turned doorstop group.

After my Rub’n Buff binge, I moved on to gold spray paint.  Because why not?  I used most of the can for another project.  Rather than store the little left, I sprayed this little succulent planter:


And my perpetual calendar box.


Five rooms got a touch of gold in the past week.  Midas touch, I’ve got it.  Ha.  What’s your latest addiction?  Gilding everything in sight?  Hour-glasses?  Owls?

7 thoughts on “Going for the Gold

  1. Love that i’m not the only one tempted to paint everything and anything GOLD. I’m actually spray painting tons of wine and beer bottles gold for an upcoming wedding this weekend. I’ll have to sneak in little wood stump to spray. Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing your awesome projects.

    have a great weekend,

  2. I am also addicted to the Gold and Silver spray paint. I painted a camera gold and was hooked. Last night I painted an elephant for the shop gold. Um, droooooool. 🙂 It makes everything look awesome.

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