My Dark Side

Thank you for all the paint help and suggestions!!  I went with my gut and painted the bathroom walls nearly black Wrought Iron.


And I love it!  We used extra deck stain on the corner post.  Because it might get wet, we like that it’s outdoor grade, but colors the plain fir beam.


But back to the walls.  I already preferred Wrought Iron over the Blue Sage and decided to go for it.  Even when I painted the bedroom Blue Sage, I didn’t love the color.  What I really wanted was a darker version of the old guest room.


Why use something I didn’t love?  I debated getting a sample of the Sea Green (guest room color) at 200% tint.  But I didn’t want the bedroom and bathroom to look like they should match, but didn’t.  I’m happy I took the Wrought Iron risk, because our towels and accessories stand out against the black.


With a bright white ceiling, trim, lower wall planks, and plenty of light from the window, this room can handle dark.


The dark pops against the white trim and makes the marble shower more of a focal point.  And after all that tile work, that makes me  happy.


I’ve found white 96 inch curtain liners (just need to order), but I’m stuck on the outer, decorative curtains.


In my head, I picked out these Mallard Velvet Curtains from World Market.  They’re not in stores, so I checked online.  Hmm, not listed in their stock either.  Booooo!  The color is perfect and the velvet would look ultra luxurious, but also function on the windows.

Now I’m not sure what to use.  While velvet might not hold up in a humid bathroom, the color and price were right.  Back to the drawing board.  The sconces are perfect, though.


Fingers crossed we can grout the floor and shower so we can get this bathroom almost completely functional.  Then Ben can work on the American Walnut vanity.

If you’re on team Wrought Iron, what do you think?  Any original team Blue Sage converts?

34 thoughts on “My Dark Side

    1. Hi Jayde!

      I do plan to paint the door the same gray I used on the rest. I wish the grain had been better on the doors to keep them natural. But I’ll get some color in there. 😀


    1. Hey Sarah!

      I can add four to my cart, but then it says there’s only one in stock. So I called to see if they’re back ordered or discontinued and the rep said they don’t show any as inventory. It won’t come up on their site unless I click the Pinterest link, so they are gone. 😢

      I was really hoping she’d tell me something else.


  1. It looks awesome – it was the right choice. Question on my you aren’t doing a glass enclosed shower to show off the amazing tile? Is it a cost thing?

    1. Hi Tanja!

      Good question! We’re not doing a glass enclosure for two big reasons. One, it hiw difficult they are to krrp clean. And two, yes is the expense. We did however set it up so it wouldn’t be too difficult to install later, if we desire. We figure for the big price difference, we’d try curtains first. 😃

      Hope that explains it!


        1. Hi Tanja!

          You bet! Hopefully we’ll get the curtains today and put them to the test soon. I’ll keep you posted on our thoughts and how they work. We just figured it was worth a shot if we like them and didn’t have to shell out tons of money. Especially for a hard to clean piece of glass. 🙂


    1. Hi Shootingallens!!

      I love the warmth of the wood, too. And I think a wood vanity will be even better. I saw that curtain online, but it’s out of stock, and the reviews say it looks cheap, not like an actual waffle weave curtain. 😞 I’m a color lover, so I’d like to add colorful curtains. If I want a change, I can always swap for a new look. 😀 But I totally hear you on the clean look of white. It’s just hard for me to stick with.


  2. I love it! The warmth of the wood post is perfection against that cool grey and tile. I am so happy you didn’t use the green, because that classic black has staying power so no matter you do with your room it doesn’t matter. I didn’t realize how much light that room gets. Great choice!

    1. Hey Sara!

      Isn’t the post awesome?! Makes me even more excited for the warm walnut vanity. 😍 And I agree with the classic black. It will go with any color I choose for the bedroom. With the amount of light, I really am happy with a dark color. Perfect room to try it out in.

    1. I like the idea too, but can’t find a good looking, well rated, 96 inch waffle curtain. 😥 The target one doesn’t have good reviews. So boo! But I’m too much a color lover to pass up colorful curtains. Can’t wait to get something!!

  3. I love this! It looks very sophisticated and polished. And I like the fact that colorful accents will stand out more. This is going to be a great space!

    1. Hi Kimberly C!

      Aww, thank you! I’m so excited to get colorful accents in there to liven it up, but I love the sophisticated dark walls, too. 🙂 So excited to finish it up and share.


    1. Hey Pine Tree Home!

      Thank you, lovely! The door is the same, but I plan to paint it to match the rest of the doors. I really wish the grain wasn’t so fake-y looking. 😦


  4. I searched and searched for a 96in waffle curtain for over 2 months for my bath but was unsuccessful. They all had bad reviews or were out of stock. I gave up and went with a 84in but I’m still salty about it. Those velvet ones look amazing.

    1. Hi Stpaulhaus!

      It’s seriously tough to find good looking 96 inch curtains. I just went with white liners (they should be delivered today) so we’ll see what I think. Aren’t the velvet curtains amazing?! Too bad they don’t stock them. Gah, the long curtain hunt is really frustrating!


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