Blue Sage or Wrought Iron?

Wanna see some master bathroom progress?!  When we last left off, the bathroom looked like this:


Freshly installed tongue and groove planks on the ceiling and most of the walls.  Pretty slate tile on the floors and marble herringbone on the walls.  Certainly a far cry from the 70’s yellow and brown tile we started with;

Master Bathroom Macinack Island Green

Over the weekend and even over Christmas Eve and day, I spent some time mudding, filling holes, sanding, caulking, priming, and painting.  And here we are this morning.


No more Franken-walls.  Or cabin-y planks.  Just lots of fresh, clean, bright white.  I still have to put one more coat of paint on the ceiling and wall planks, but they’re looking good.  After that, we can grout the shower and floors.  Which means we’re only a few steps away from installing the clawfoot tub and toilet.  And having a finished, functional shower.  Though the vanity has to be built.


But I really need your help.  I’m somewhat torn on a wall color.  In the left corner, we have Blue Sage (color matched to Restoration Hardware) and in the right corner, the heavyweight champ Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore.


Both have pros and cons, so let’s discuss.  Pros for Blue Sage:  1.  I have enough paint left over from our bedroom.  2.  It matches the bedroom, for a seamless transition.  3.  If we used this color, I would use a plain white curtains on the shower and window (maybe jazzed up with trim).  96 inch long white curtains are easier to find.

But, this color does have cons:  1.  More green than blue, which is what I’d really want.  At the point we replace the windows, I’ll probably repaint the bedroom, so the bathroom would get changed then.


Pros for Wrought Iron:  1.  I love how dark and dramatic it is. I’ve dreamed of dark, black walls for a while now.  With the big window and all the white, I think this room can handle dark walls.   2.  The high contrast of nearly black against the white planks is beautiful.  3.  Colors would pop and look crazy awesome against this color.  4.  If we used this color, I’d love to use solid, colorful curtain panels to bring in some color.  5.  The exterior of the clawfoot tub is also this color.  But the con is, I don’t have enough paint left over from the tub.

So, dear readers, which would you choose?  Cozy green or dark and dramatic nearly black?

33 thoughts on “Blue Sage or Wrought Iron?

  1. definitely not black. it seems like it would be too dark. i like bathrooms to be soothing and relaxing and i just don’t see that in a black bathroom. i also wouldn’t choose the other because i’d want a change between my bedroom and bathroom.

  2. For a relaxing space, PERSONALLY I try to veer away from dramatic. What excites you at first can become overbearing when you’re living in it every day. I wouldn’t like the “walls closing in” effect when I’m on the toilet. 🙂 But that’s coming from someone who probably would never consider a black/very dark wall, so my opinion might not count!

  3. Go with the black! It will look great, and it seems like the only real pro to the green is that you won’t have to buy it. Paint is pretty inexpensive in the long run so why not paint a color you will love!

  4. Wrought Iron for sure. I think with the white planks & ceiling & the light tiles, the almost black would look great. Just that small swatch on the wall already makes the dark streaks in the tile stand out more. It would also help tie in the dark exterior of the tub without the tub being a big dark splotch in the room. And it sounds like that’s what you really want. 🙂

  5. Blue sage. Though if it was me I’d get a colour that I was really happy with to start with, not just what I had left over. I think the marble and the VJs lend themselves to a soothing bathroom colour scheme.

  6. Out of the two, I would say the wrought iron. But… have you considered leaving the walls white for a while? I think the white looks awesome and so relaxing ….. you could still do a black and white color scheme with the tub, vanity and accessories.

  7. Blue Sage. The black is too dark and the blue sage is the same color as your bedroom, so there’s a seamless transition.

  8. Never paint a room just because you have enough paint on hand. Paint a room the color you want it to be. I just painted a wall a really dark gray in my living room and I LOVE it! Try the black, or maybe a hair lighter. You can always… re-paint!

  9. Could you go 1-3 shades lighter than the wrought iron? Having the tub close, it may be too matchy if they were the same color? It looks like the wall space isn’t huge though, is it just those two walls? Go with what you love though, and if you don’t like it: re-paint 😉

  10. I’d go with Blue Sage, since you have enough paint and it will give a seamless look with the bedroom. Then, when you change the windows, you’ll be able to paint the whole space exactly the color you want (or maybe you can add white to the Iron color so you have enough to paint the bathroom ?). Good luck !

  11. We have wrought iron on our fireplace wall in our living room and LOVE IT! It’s the perfect dramatic black. It’s classic, elegant, not dreary at all and I think it would look lovely against the marble shower!

  12. I would go with the blue sage – only because you said that you would be repainting in the future; the Wrought Iron would be a *&^*( to paint over!

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