Plumbing Aisle Inspiration

While getting copper supplies for the bud vase, I wanted to make something with basic hardware store supplies.


What do you get when you pair 8 feet of 5/8 inch wooden dowel, 6 1/2 inch copper T connectors, 1 90 copper elbow, a two gallon bucket, glue, and spray paint?


A cute (in my opinion, anyway) planter and stand.


That aloe plant is my oldest plant.  I’ve had it for three or four years (the only plant I’ve kept alive over a year) now and it desperately needed a larger pot.  It was looking like a male orca in captivity; confined and droopy.  While priming the bathroom drawers with Kilz primer, I noticed the small 2 gallon bucket would be the perfect size.  Which spurred, the hardware store plant stand.  If you want to know how I made my, read on.

Here’s my cut list:

Two at 1 5/8 inch long, for the base.

Four dowels cut at 2 3/4 inches, also base pieces.

Four at 3 inches, top pieces to hold the bucket in place.

and four more at 10 inches for legs, all cut with a chop saw.

I started with two 4 foot lengths of 5/8 inch dowel and 1/2 inch copper fittings.  The two short pieces (1 5/8) fit inside each side of the elbow.  Attach a T to each end like this:


The four 2 3/4 inch sticks go in each hole of the T connectors to make the base.


Add the four remaining Ts to the ends for the leg attachments.


After dry fitting everything, I rolled each dowel end in Liquid Nails to secure the pieces.


And let if dry on a flat surface, with the three-inch pieces down.


While the glue dried, I asked Ben to cut the top off the bucket.  I didn’t want the handle or ridges.  This bucket was thin enough he was able to cut through with a sharp utility knife.  To make the bucket look, well, less bucket-y, I gave it two coats of flat white spray paint.


Now, sir Aloe has a larger pot with room to grow.  And I really like the mix of shiny copper and wood.


A new Philodendron is keeping it company by our back patio door.


This could easily be modified by staining or painting the wooden legs, or making it entirely from copper.  Buy copper tubing and 8 copper caps for the legs and you’ve got a shiny, custom stand.  All from humble plumbing parts and hardware store basics.

8 thoughts on “Plumbing Aisle Inspiration

  1. I’m glad I found this planter. It was not what I was looking for but very close in similarity. However I think I really love this more because it’s something I can do myself. Thank You.

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