Quick Paints

Between finishing up the bathroom remodel and plotting our next project, I haven’t had much energy for little projects.  So what I have made recently is quick and no frills.  I’m talking about you, plant stand and copper vase.  My two most recent home additions aren’t any more difficult.  Quite opposite, actually requiring only paint and a gold paint pen.  Last summer, we found several cheapo plastic planters in the attic.  I wrapped one for my cabbage plant.


Around Christmas, I bought a little Norfolk Pine from Home Depot.  I’m happy to report it’s still going strong and needed a larger pot.  So I cut off the rolled rim, spray painted it flat white, and made a loose herringbone pattern with a gold oil Sharpie.


With dreary winter, I’m so happy to have live green plants in the house.  This one lives at the top of the stairs.


Right next to my newly thrifted chrome and black vinyl sling chair.  I wasn’t going to get it, but it was only $7 and 25% off.  The entry closet is only a few steps away, so this is a natural place to sit to put on or take off shoes.  And the lightweight frame and slim size is perfect for the area.


Ben has enough black or cream leather to give this a makeover.  Cream looks to light, and the black won’t look different.  Perhaps black woven strips?  What would you do?  The vinyl is in great shape, so it doesn’t need anything…


Ignore the baseboard-less, patchy walls, and unfinished toe kick.  That will happen, eventually.

While cooped up in the house, the boys and I have painted.  Our entry is unfinished and boring, remember this?  After discussing hooks, we decided they’d just add clutter to this small entry.  But a painting is simple:


Something to fill some wall space, but it’s an awkward wall to work with.


The stairs angle up, making a small sliver at the top.   In the not too distant future, the entry will probably get a makeover (new front door, tile, wall treatment, and new paint).


Another case of, “I’ll live with it until we get around to a full makeover.”

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