Keeping It Simple

I have a tendency to over complicate my life and the things in it.  I’m slightly OCD and a perfectionist by nature, so laundry must be folded just so.  The dishwasher loaded the correct way.  And I don’t do well with messes.  Of course none of these things really matter, I understand that.  Trying to get the crazy side of me to recognize it however, is a different story.  Another area I’m trying to simplify is my decor.  Too often, I feel the more, the better.  Look at the old entry for instance:


Statement-type mirror, frames, necessities (the light, key tray and bench), and knickknacks.  Wiping the slate clean after the tongue and groove wall really made me realize how nice the simplicity is.  I propped a black mirror up, but didn’t like the added visual weight.  And the reflection looked cluttered.


Instead, I replaced it with a white frame, large white mat, and a sweet little painting from Painting Well.


Balanced by the large expanse of white, the small rectangle of cheery colors don’t over power the space.



Nor does it compete with the horns.


Keeping the art lower to the console means the art ‘interacts’ more with that scene than the higher horns.


As for the console decor, we’ve got the basics.  The small bench for putting on or taking off shoes.  A lamp to leave on at night, the mitten/hat drying rack, a key tray, and small bowl of stamps.  More than enough room to set things like mail or sunglasses, but they’re not permanent.

8 thoughts on “Keeping It Simple

  1. This is beautiful! The white frame is perfect and I really love the pared down entry. We’re trying to keep things more simple in our new place too and it feels good to have breathing room.

  2. This is such a great improvement! I have the same problem of warring sensibilities: I love the clean, uncluttered look, yet I also tend overdo the decoration/knick knacks. I never considered a totally white frame with a huge white matte as a way to show off art without it overpowering everything, even though I LOVE tiny paintings/photos! Great idea!

    1. Hi MEL!

      Isn’t it tough? I really appreciate other simple homes, but I always find little treasures I have to have. So, they kind of cancel eachother out.

      I like the white frame and mat to keep it simple. Glad you do, too!


  3. Not flowing well.for me…not sure about that whole.console setup…something not right about it…the stool is tiny the lamp with wire hanging down really anmoys me and i feel like would get pulled down by many situations…also the art is small and that area is not another scene it should be one wall …hmmmm…thoughts???

    1. Hi lkl!

      I get what you’re saying. It is awkward because this is one big wall. This entry is on the small side at 4 feet deep by 8 wide. The small stool is nice because it doesn’t take up valuable floor space and it can tuck under the console. So far, knock on wood, the lamp hasn’t been an issue. It’s just nice to have a little light to leave on when someone is coming home late, rather than the big overhead light. For us, this little area serves a purpose: holding junk we need. But it all has to fit within a tiny area, so keeping things small is the best solution. Adding the little art helped make the space look finished instead of a floating shelf. While not a necessity, it does help complete a look. I wish we had room on the other wall, but the door is much closer to the shorter opposite wall. Does my rambling make sense?


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