Goodness Gray-cious

My quest to repaint the entry, living, and dining rooms took a lot longer than I expected.  First painting the new crown and waiting for it to thoroughly dry.  Next, a last coat on the tongue and groove wall.


Followed up with a first coat of paint on the walls.  Then tackling the ceiling where my shoulder and neck started cramping.  I ran out of wall paint and went back to get a third gallon, but we had issues matching the color, so the walls are slightly different from my original color.  But, now these dingy peach walls:


Are no more.  Totally worth the days of plowing through.  Instead we’ve got fresh light gray walls to bounce the light around.  Make no mistake, the room is still one thousand miles from done, but much improved.


And hey, we’ve got a solid color.  No more patched sheet rock or paint swatches.


Unfortunately, I can’t say they’ll stay that way forever.  The too tall French door will become a standard window and the bay window a sliding door.  After replacing the windows, we’ll update the window trim to match the rest of the house.  If I nail down my stair railing plan soon enough, we might be able to replace it soon, too.  Say it with me, no more orange stained oak!


For now, I’m just happy to have baseboard (and the entertainment center toe kick!) and blank walls.


This was unfinished far, far too long.


Whenever I paint, I pull out every nail, patch it, and then start anew.  Which is why I have only a few frames on the walls.  Still deciding on the rest.


Even so, I’m not desperate to slap things up in an attempt to hide something ugly on the walls.


And that’s the power of paint.  Or love, as Huey Lewis might say.  Sweet, sweet victory.  Even if I will have to do it all over again after windows.

19 thoughts on “Goodness Gray-cious

  1. What a nice change! Love the new color!
    May I suggest a product to help you avoid nail holes? Try 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips and Picture Hanging Hooks. They are amazing!

  2. This looks gorgeous – what a dramatic change from the peach. My family room (which does not get a lot of natural light) is about the color of your closet door – it’s pretty, but only makes the whole room darker. What color paint did you use? You mentioned it was gray, but it looks more creamy beige in the photo and I’m wondering if that would work for me. It certainly lightens the space, I just love it, but gray won’t work in my house.

    1. Hey Julia!

      The color is Oyster Pearl from Clark and Kensington. I had it color matched, so it’s slightly off, but I still love it. Nice and light. If you’re looking for something more beige, our family room color is light. Sandstone Cove by Behr.

      Happy painting!

  3. I love the new paint color – it feels so fresh and crisp. What a difference! I’m looking to make a similar change in my living room (except our before color is more pink than peach), but, unlike you, I haven’t been brave enough to commit to such a large paint job just yet – they always seem to take so much longer than planned. Ug. Great job sticking with it – it looks so nice!

    1. Hi Sarah!

      Thanks for your compliments! It does take a long time to paint. This time especially because I had so many surfaces, with drying time between. Also, the textured walls are tricky.


  4. That also looks like Wheat Bread from Behr, which I have in my nursery. it looks so pretty! I “love’ that with grey (more than other paint colors, I’ve found) you can’t just ask a person what color they used and use the same one because it will look completely different in your house! So crazy!

    1. Hi Sara!

      Yes, it probably is close to Wheat Bread. I looked at that one for the family room, but it was too cool in the north facing light. Grays really do look different depending on the space.


  5. I keep coming back to admire this space – I love a freshly painted room! Have you thought about replacing or refinishing your curtain rods with black or ORB? I think it would play off the dark bases of your side tables as well as the dark light above the entryway and give you a cohesive look. Just a thought in case you want to add one more thing to your list of 2310278067896 😉

    Love seeing all of the progress you’ve made!

    1. Hi Jackie!

      I love a freshly painted room, too. I like the idea of darker curtain rods, but I’m not in a rush to make any changes. I’ll wait and see how the room comes along and go from there.

      Thanks for your suggestion and sweet comments. 🙂

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