Hip to Be Square?

Lately, our living room is bugging me.  The rug is too small and busy for the space.


The Earth First Natural Jute rug from Amazon is a possibility for a basic rug large enough for all furniture to rest on.



It looks thin, maybe layering a smaller rug like the Balta US Avanti Camel Rug to add cush?


That might look too formal and traditional, but I like how neutral it is.  That exposed dining wall can get covered now that the rewiring is done.  But this is about a coffee table.  I moved an ottoman from our room into the living to see what size I’d want.


Initially, I pitched the idea of a reclaimed beam table after seeing the Emmerson at West Elm.

We still have chunks of beam left, so it would be free.  It would also be extremely heavy, weighing around 150 pounds.  Also, we’d be limited on the width as the beam is only 19.25 inches wide.  It just seemed too heavy and small.  Now I’m thinking a large, open frame square would work and look best.


The white ottoman is 4 feet wide, which feels right for the room.  Substantial enough, but still plenty of room to get around.  I taped out the proposed 44 inch square to get a better idea of size.


At this size, it could easily function as foot rest or a Lego/game table.  I think it’s perfect, especially after seeing a large tufted leather ottoman in Lauren Liess‘ office.


The size would still allow at least 18 inches of walking room between other furniture (the couch and this little rolling ottoman).



Rather than a heavy ottoman, I’d love to find or build an open frame similar to this one:


Something metal would be ideal, but a dark wood frame could be nice, too.  If I’m building it, that’s my only option really.  I know I want four legs with supports at least five inches from the floor to make vacuuming as easy as possible.

As for the top, I’ve got two options in my head.  Number one, reusing our old siding as a pieced together wooden top.  Number two, I recently saw a camel colored 54 inch wide Emu vinyl at Joann for $29.99 per yard.  Maybe stretching that over a piece of plywood could work?  Add some warmth without putting more wood in the mix.  What are your thoughts on the size, style, and top?  I’d love to hear your suggestions!

6 thoughts on “Hip to Be Square?

    1. Hi Laura!

      I considered that, but most of the fittings I’d need don’t come in the black pipe, only galvanized. So I’d have to use all galvanized or spray paint the entire base. And it would cost around $70 to make the base so it isn’t worth it, though I love the idea!


  1. I love the idea of the layered rugs! Please tell me you got both of those. Good luck on the coffee table hunt, I’m still looking for something that “feels” right.

    1. Ha, I haven’t ordered rugs yet. Still have to convince Ben they’ll work. He’s not so sure about layered rugs, but I think it’ll be nice. We’ll see… 😉


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