Doors and Knobs

Almost exactly three months ago, we started tearing out kitchen cabinets and knocking down walls.  Since then, we fully gutted the room and are slowly building a new room.  Each step is stupidly exciting, as we get new function or a more complete kitchen.  You know what’s really great about cabinets?  The storage they offer.


What’s better than storage?  Hidden storage.  Such a novel idea.


Because these doors are simple and quick to build, we decided to make an interim set for the dish cabinet.


Eventually, we can build glass frames.  That didn’t stop me from arranging the interior as though it is open.  A fake succulent fills an open area.


Soft close hinges are the coolest thing since sliced bread.  The smarties at Blum sure know what they’re doing.  To prevent the doors from hitting the cabinetry, they make tiny metal pieces that clip into the hinge, limiting the opening to 86 degrees.  Hiding junk above the fridge, like the food dehydrator, is fantastic.


It’s amazing how much bigger, brighter, and more finished the kitchen feels with that addition.  Also, sneak peek of the walnut island drawer fronts.


After holding up the silver handles, and not liking the look, I began a search for simple pulls.  Nothing that draws too much attention.  Then I remembered I had these glass bubble knobs.  Totally perfect.  Basic, functional, but almost blend in with the cabinets.


Fewer and fewer items are on the to do list, most minor.  Some trim.  Finish the cabinet under the sink.  Install a vent hood.  Strengthen my forearm muscles while smoothing out the uneven old pantry wall.


Once I finish skim coating, we can straighten out the cabinet configuration.  Then, we just might have a finished kitchen.  Light at the end of the tunnel.  And just in time to start summer work on the exterior of the house.

2 thoughts on “Doors and Knobs

  1. I love your choice of knobs. We’re replacing some on our white cabinets and now I’ve got a good idea of ones that look good. Also, your fridge looks like one of those cool ones that looks built in but isn’t. May I ask if you like it and if so, what’s the brand? Love watching your kitchen journey!

    1. Hello Sheila!

      The fridge is an LG French door style; it came with the house. Honestly, the fridge is okay. I do like having two doors, but the double freezer drawers aren’t my favorite. Also, this is me being picky, but the stainless never looks nice. Always fingerprinted or streaky, unless I’ve just wiped it down. We built the panels to encase it for the built in look. Does that adequately answer your question? If not, I’m happy to elaborate. 🙂


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