Caulking Tips and Tricks

Nearly six years ago, when we purchased this house, the pool house was rocking a lot of dated finishes, including dark stained and streaked wooden lap siding.

New-House-Pool-Room April 13 2012

To achieve the light, airy feel we’re after, our plan includes painting the walls white.  While we could have used lap siding and painted it white, I feel it would have looked too much like an exterior in an interior space.  After many discussions to make my board and batten dreams come true, Ben agreed to the wall treatment.  Before installing the tile floors, we started installing the upper portions.


Now, with the floors and baseboard installed, we’re working our way around the room installing the remaining batten strips.  Attaching the strips is the quick, easy part.  Caulking is the very necessary, but far more tedious part of the equation.


Applying and smoothing the caulk takes a toll on the fingers, literally making the tips bleed after a while.


In an attempt to avoid bloody fingers, I picked up a Caulk Buddy for three bucks from Ace Hardware.


I had high hopes for it, but when put to use, the rigid yellow plastic doesn’t allow the flexible white end to flex into the joint enough.


Back to bloody fingers for me.  But I accidentally realized the bandage on my finger provided just enough of a barrier between my finger and the wall.


Unlike some of the tools available, I can easily control the pressure applied and the amount removed.

Along the three benches, the batten strips terminate directly into the bench.  To fill the small gap between the strip and bench top, without making a mess of the stained wood, I tape off around each batten.


Apply and smooth the caulk as usual:


Then remove the tape immediately after, before the caulk dries and peels away.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m heading back out to continue on my miles long quest to caulk the batten seams.  Enjoy your weekend!

4 thoughts on “Caulking Tips and Tricks

  1. Perfect timing as I’m about to caulk around a window on the back porch and some of the adjacent areas. Hope those fingers heal quickly!

  2. Have you tried rubber fingertip protectors? Someone recommended these when I sliced off the tip of my fingernail, and they were lifesavers for making my hand functional again. They may be strong enough to protect your finger from wearing like that!

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