Move In Ready

On Friday, I mentioned we moved in to the mountain house, as Ben calls it.  I think a moment like that deserves a celebration of pictures.  So, here’s the mountain house, filled with our crap, I mean furniture.

The entry isn’t huge, but we have a rug and storage bench for putting on shoes.

Our old sectional, which lived in the theater room at the first house, fits in the new living room with plenty of space.

We arranged the furniture to face the television about 2 1/2 feet from the window wall.  I have high hopes for bookshelves on either side of the window and a window seat between.

Small end tables and a bookshelf turned entertainment center work for now.

Ben built that bookshelf for V’s nursery and we’ve had it in the basement for the past few years.  It is the only piece of furniture that can serve this purpose until we get a chance to build a proper entertainment center.  This also means Ben’s kick butt surround sound system is tucked away for the too small shelf.  Once we finish the bathroom, we’ve got this on our to do list.

Okay, enough of my whining.  Here’s our empty dining room.  The stool and lantern are for the deck and the chairs are there as additional seating.

Some day we’ll buy or build a large table to go in here, but that’s not a priority.  Right around the corner is my office.  I’ve got my craft and shop supplies in the lower cabinets and lots of electronics on the desk top, but it’s totally functional.

Jack has deemed this her spot, so I tossed a few towels down to keep her cozy until I can make her a little dog bed.

Then there’s the kitchen.  Oh, the kitchen.  Even though this kitchen is at least twice the size of our other kitchen, we’re quickly learning the main cabinets are poorly laid out.  Not as much storage as it appears to have.

So we’ve been stashing most kitchen stuff in the giant pantries.

That pretty French door fridge above?  I hate it.  Ben packed up all the food from the fridge and freezer at the first house on Friday.  The fridge contents fit without a problem.  However, the two drawer freezer couldn’t hold an entire box of frozen foods.  As I tried to cram everything in, getting more and more frustrated while cursing the LG designer I started crying out of annoyance.  The stress from packing while watching two little boys and unpacking had gotten the best of me.  Luckily, we have space in the utility room for a chest freezer, so Ben bought one yesterday.  Rant over.  Check out the breakfast nook we’re using as the dining room.

That large window is a great place to watch the wild life in the back yard.

Friday night we had five deer visitors, right off the back patio.

It was chilly over the weekend, so Ben built a fire and we roasted marshmallows right in the family room.

Figuring out a layout for this room was tricky.  We have several traffic patterns; one from the stairs, another from the hall, and a third to the sliding door.  This works best, keeping everything centered on the fireplace and windows.  Too bad we don’t have close enough outlets to plug-in the lamps.

I’ve moved my books from the old office into the guest bedroom.  The pile on the bed is my sewing machine and 20 yards of fabric for curtains.

We’re still working on the main bathroom, so we’ll share pictures soon.  Floor tile has been delayed and should be here tomorrow.  The boys’ bedroom layout is very similar to their old room, just a few feet wider.  Here’s V’s side, complete with a dresser due to the lack of organization systems in this house.

E’s side is so bare right now, but he does have a faux Jack to keep him company.

The last bedroom, our bedroom.  We sold our bed to the buyer and we’re using the old guest bed for a while.  Ben hates the headboard covering the window.

I finished painting the closet over the weekend and put our clothes away.  Instead of a pile of clothes, we’ve got a stack of empty bins.  Wahoo!

Ugly master bathroom with an awesome steam shower.  Still ugly despite a few accessories.  I guess putting lipstick on a pig doesn’t make it pretty.

You want to see something that really isn’t pretty (and kind of stresses me out)?  The basement.

It’s funny because we’ve gained square footage over the last house, but we’re desperately lacking built-in storage.  Not to mention we’ve lost two bedrooms (hence the mattresses) and practically two bathrooms.  The main bath is under construction and the basement bath is just gross, leaving us with the master bath.  Eventually we’ll get there, but I think the basement will look like this for a while.

Ben and Handy Sammy hauled over the washer and dryer, too.  The plug for the dryer isn’t the same as the outlet though.

So that’s how we’re living in the new house.  I’ve off to pack up the few remaining things at the old house and then I’ve got some sewing to do.  Mama needs black out curtains in hopes of getting the boys to sleep past 6:30.

What did you do over the weekend?  Do you have a sewing project in your near future?  How about a move?

21 thoughts on “Move In Ready

  1. You guys work fast! Is everything out of your old house now? I’m excited to see what you do with each space – so I can assume you are even more so!
    This is random but…how old are your boys? My son is 18months and quickly outgrowing his crib. He doesn’t climb out yet but that’s sure to happen any day so I’m already dreading the thought of trying to get him to stay put once he moves to a regular bed!

  2. Congrats on the move! I LOVE how many windows your living area has. It’s so lovely and bright. Best of luck on all the unpacking. We moved 2 months ago and still have boxes and rooms we haven’t touched.

  3. It is looking great. I am surprised about the fridge, I have always dreamed of one like it. I am planning on lining Ikea curtains with blackout liners this week. I have very, very little experience sewing and even though it is just a few straight lines, I am scared.

  4. The wildlife alone would be enough for me to want to buy that house. I love that it backs up to the state park.

  5. Looks great, I am excited to see what you guys do in the future. This weekend I was planning on painting our living room…. But (I stupidly thought) why would I paint when we have these awful popcorn ceilings…. So I decided to scrape while my 5 month old napped… Ha! 10 hours later I was still cleaning white dust up. Big learning experience! I made a giant mess but the actually scraping was super easy and the ceiling looks WAY better. Too bad I still have every other room in the house to scrape. I think I will wait to scrape the rest until we put in new floors, then I won’t worry about getting the carpets dirty…we will just rip them out. Have you ever removed popcorn? I am relativly new blog reader and curiosity if you have any tips 🙂

  6. Congrats on moving in!! 🙂 The main living areas are off to a great start! So cool about the deer 🙂

    and yes, i a few sewing projects that need to get done ASAP! I have a bunch of pillows to sew and need to work on our vintage sofa. I have 13 yards of fabric sitting in our dining room, I can’t wait to get it all done

  7. So happy that you’ve moved into the “mountain” house! Looking great and like a home already!
    Hmmm, do I hvae any sewing projects??? 🙂 I made a super-cute (if I do say so myself) for a little girl’s birthday gift, and I will have a few more to make with different fabric patterns. I also have some ideas to add to my son’s wardrobe, plus lots of baby gifts for upcoming arrivals!

  8. Congrats on the new house- I’m looking forward to seeing everything you do with it!
    We moved into ours 1 year ago… still so much to do, but little by little, it’s getting there!
    Good luck!

  9. This is your forever house…you’ve got lots of time to see how the spaces will work for you. I luhuhuhuve the bedroom color and all those windows are amazing. Happy housewarming!

    1. Hi Lizzy! Yep, I just hauled the last load from the house over this morning. But, we have our patio furniture and stuff in the garage still. You know what though? That’s Ben’s job now. I had to move the house (because most of it is ‘mine’) and the garage is ‘his’. So happy to be done!

      Hey Hammersandheels, Thanks for the encouragement! I’m sure we’ll be in the same situation because we’ve got two bedrooms wort of stuff with no where to put it other than the basement. Oh well, some day that will change. Best of luck to you with your moving process! 🙂

      Hi Annabelvita! Your kitchen is small, but totally charming! I’m so thankful for the pantries at this point.

      Hey Emily! Thanks! I think the idea behind the fridge is better than the actual design. That’s just me though, you might love it. Maybe if the freezer was only one drawer? That would leave more space for food. Good luck with your curtains! The good thing about black out fabric is that it doesn’t fray, so just stitch along the edge of the pre-made panels. 🙂

      Hi Lori W, It is really awesome. Love the privacy, too.

      Hello Anne! We’ve got popcorn removal on our to do list, too! Two bedrooms worth. Here’s a tip, use a weed sprayer (the bigger green kind with the pump) to get the ceiling damp and it should scrape off easier. And putting plastic on the floors can help with clean up. 🙂 Good luck! You’ll love the results. I’ll post all about our removal when we get around to it.

      Hey Katrina! Thanks! We’re getting there, just have to settle in. Can’t wait to see your sofa! So exciting!

      Hi Amanda M, I think we’ll go with beefier white trim. The current trim is pretty lame. That’s down the line though.

      Hi Jenna! Ahh, I saw the little girl gift! So adorable! And the shorts. You totally rock. 🙂

      Hey Amy, Thanks, we’re chomping at the bit to tackle a few projects to make life here more organized. I totally know how you feel about little by little, but it will get there. Good luck to you!

      Hey Sara! Oh yeah, tons of time. Just have to prioritize to get things going. 🙂

      Thanks so much!

  10. My goodness, woman! You are moving in so quickly in addition to the demo-ing and remodeling. WHEN DO YOU SLEEP! I am in awe….

  11. Wow, you guys moved in fast! I’m moving into my new house on May 31st and I’m already dreading the “in between” stage where we have to wait to save up for furniture. If I had it my way, I’d max out my credit cards buying everything we needed before we moved in so the house was done immediately but where’s the fun in that? 😉

  12. We moved this weekend too. Only we moved out of our house and have to wait two weeks to get to the new one! We are living with all our stuff stacked around us in my mother-in-laws huge basement. Aaahhh!

  13. Your house is fantastic and don’t worry, I think you already organised a lot in such little time.

    I love the floors in the lounge/dining room, they are to die for!

    I wanted to ask how do you tackle child safety with the stairs and the swimming pool? I would freak out because my toddler is a bit too adventurous, if you know what I mean, lol.

  14. Congrats on the move. Funny how more space, but it’s configured differently, so you have less space. hahaha. You’ll DIY your way to comfort. Looking forward to viewing the journey

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