Gimme a Giveaway Winner & A Self Issued Challenge

We’ve come to another Friday and the end of May.  Which means we’ve got another giveaway winner to announce.  And, the winner of one MT Photo Journal print iiiiissssssss Maryanne.

Congrats, Maryanne!  Thank you (and everyone else!) for following along with us, showing your support, and encouraging us.

We’ve had rain every day this week, so we’ve been stuck in the house more than usual.  I get antsy and irritable when that happens.  Then I take it out on the house, getting annoyed with unfinished projects and messes.  It’s high time something happen to solve those problems.


So I’ve issued myself a challenge; to purge, condense, and organize the problem areas of our house.  Namely my office, the boys’ bedroom, linen closet, and pool house.  Random junk and clutter freaks me out.  A lot.  This cabinet in my office has fabric that I usually forget about, scrapbooking supplies I haven’t used in years, half used materials (plaster and wire anyone?).


Right above that is a drawer of art supplies for the boys.  I’m debating moving it, but don’t know where else to keep it.  Where do you store kids art supplies?


Right next to my office is a cabinet of vases, candle holders, and candles.  And other junk.


Lower parts of the linen closet are organized, but this top shelf is a pile of pillows that I can’t reach without a chair.  And a random Easy Bake Oven handle.


We’ve got picture frames scattered around the house, including a box in the boys’ closet.  A bag of swim diapers we don’t need any more that I don’t know what to do with, too.


When we bought this house everyone seemed most excited for the pool house.  The most frequently asked question we get is, “what are you doing with the pool?”  Or “what’s the plan for the pool house?”  Someday we’ll do something cool with it.  Keep the pool (it need some serious fixing before it can ever be used).  Sadly, it’s just a supply warehouse and tool workshop right now.


Just looking at this makes me itch.  So. Much. Stuff.  It has gotten worse since starting on the back deck.  Tools galore.  I don’t even know where to start cleaning this.


So what’s the challenge?  To clean these areas up, purge what we can, and organize the rest over the next week.  Please, please tell me you’ve got at least one problem spot.  Want to join in the organizing fun?

Top Twelve: Geometric Rugs

Happy Tuesday, are you happy for a four-day work week?  Have a nice long weekend?  We stayed home and spent most of the weekend working on a deck in the back.  You know, between taking care of the kiddos and waiting for rain to let up.  More on that soon.

Here’s a new once a month feature, Top Twelve.  Each month I’ll round up twelve of my favorite items in a themed category.  Could be sofas, light fixtures, heck, even recipes.  Because I’ve got area rugs on my brain, here’s a group of fun geometric rugs.


1  Trellis from Rugs USA

2  Ananda Trellis at Rugs USA

3  Star Trellis from Rugs USA

4  Kinetic Scales from Zinc Door

5  Fallon Points at Zinc Door

6  Lappljung Ruta from Ikea

7  Flat Weave Stripes at Overstock

8  Tangier Dhurrie at Target

9  Castleberry from Home Decorators Collection and this similar one at Target

10 Magical Thinking Triangle Chain from Urban Outfitters

11  Moroccan Wool at Overstock

12  Nava Trellis from Rugs USA

Three, nine, and twelve are my favorites.  Actually, when I upholstered the chairs, chose a neutral fabric for a few reasons.  One, I couldn’t find an upholstery grade fabric in a color I loved.  Two, I’d like to add color and pattern in easier to change out ways.  Like a large painted top to turn the too small foot stool into a usable coffee table.

MCM Chairs Finished in Family Room

And perhaps a new rug.  If I can ever pull the trigger on one.  Rugs USA’s 65% off sale is super enticing.  That star trellis rug for $262 is pulling me in.  100% wool and looks soft and cushy.  Think it would look good in here?

P.S.  Last day to get 40% off any order in our shop.


Etsy Favs: May

Happy, happy Friday!  Three day weekend, coming up.  And we’re kicking it off with a Memorial Day sale.  To celebrate the official unofficial start of summer.  Now through Tuesday, May 28th, get 40% off everything in the Our Humble Abode shop using the code memday40.


Because we love Etsy and supporting small businesses, here’s what caught my eye this month.

San Francisco Painted Ladies print by Anna See

You & Me print from Black & Type Shop

Abstract Ink Drawing at Com Art

Flamingo Photo by The Gingham Owl

Vintage Inspired Feather Patterns Poster at Vol 25

Wooden Honeycomb Clock from Asymmetree Design

Yellow Blossoms on Branch canvas by Semi Sweet Studios

Open Thin Gold Ring from Stefanie Sheehan

Tristar Steel Coffee Table Base at Popcelona

Ginko Leaves print by Silke Spingies Shop

Triangle Vinyl Wall Decals from Urban Walls

Old Faithful Geyser Postage Stamp Canvas by Past Postage

Original Abstract Landscape Oil Painting at Pamela M

Original Abstract Landscape Painting by Cath Pilling Art

Handle Ribbon Banner Cutting Board from Richwood Creations

Giraffe Photo at Photography by Lori H

Geometric Wool Pillow from Scout & Whistle

I Cook, You Wash print set by Judy Kaufmann

Pink Lemonade Party print at Photography Dream

Also, a special thanks to our wonderful sponsors, Super Sweet Life, an Etsy shop stocked with organizational goodies.


These food labels are pretty and super handy.

And Through the Doggy Door, another Etsy shop with bright colored home goods and leather items.


This neon green camera sure is a dose of happy.


Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!  Do you have special plans?

P.S.  One week left to enter the MT Photo Journal giveaway!

Light Switches

Completely out of Montana norms, it rained all weekend.  Rain outside meant little time for work outdoors.  Instead, we had a lunch date, relaxed, and hung up two light fixtures.  The first, the PVC icosahedron pendant I made to replace the too low, never used ceiling fan.


I looked for a cheap pendant and canopy at home improvement and thrift stores, but didn’t find anything.  Soooooo, I decided to steal the $6 thrift store pendant from the dining room.  Ditched the shade, using only the guts.  We had a few metal down rods from other pendants, so I covered the cord with a small piece.


While it may not stay forever, I’m super happy with the open, modern, geometric shape.


I still might replace the top and bottom points, just to make the peaks a little more obvious.


While Ben had the supplies out, I asked him to install a new light in the boys’ room, too.  Snagged this one at ReStore for eight bucks.  A quick scrub and ready to go.  Wish I would have thought about this before and painted the gold canopy.  Ahh well.  Still better than the boob light that was there.


Bonus, we could raise chickens in here with a light like that.  Not that it’ll happen, but we could.  And I just might be able to start (and hopefully finish!) scraping the popcorn off the ceiling.  Handy Sammy will be out-of-town for a month, so we can shift the boys to his room, giving me a month of time to get it done.  Without disturbing him.  Woo to the hoo, I’m ready for this.  At least I am in my head, my arm might hate me by the end of it.

MCM, Modernized

Hello and happy Monday, if there is such a thing.  On Friday I shared the blow-by-blow of my five dollar chair refinishing and upholstering process.  Starting with these 70’s dark stained orange vinyl covered wood beauties.


And here they are now, after an overall sanding, clear coat, thick neutral fabric, and satin nickel nail head detail.

MCM Chairs Finished in Family Room

Once I started sanding the wood down, I saw how blonde the wood was.  And liked it.  A lot, for a few reasons.  Lighter felt more updated, less reminiscent of the Brady Bunch kitchen color palette.  The pale wood also contrasted with the dark slate fireplace, instead of blending in.  After going through the trouble to sand to the unfinished wood, I didn’t want a dark stain that wouldn’t be an obvious change.  Also, I’m leaning toward natural finished wood, for a little variety.

MCM Chairs Finished Right

Even though the chairs are neutral, I’m super happy with the go anywhere colors and subtle patterned fabric.

MCM Chairs Finished Left

To bump up the comfort and color, I plan to find or sew lumbar pillows.

MCM Chairs by Fireplace from Breakfast Nook

That  little footstool will get an update and jolt of color sometime soon, too.  Because paint is easier and cheaper to change than upholstery and stain.  These chairs work great in the family room.  Comfy, but light weight and open.  Can’t forget the price, either.  Only $32 spent on the chairs and materials ($18 for the fabric and four more for the nail head – we had the rest already).

MCM Chairs Finished From Stairs

I might fix the back of the seat because you can see the puckered fabric.  Not perfect, but not terrible for my first rounded corner cushions.

MCM Chairs Finished Toward Kitchen

How’s that for a Cinderella story?  What do you think?  Have any plans for the upcoming long weekend?