A Hole in the Wall

Just a few days ago, our dining room had a large 8 foot tall door in a room with 8 foot ceilings.  From day one, we didn’t like how it looked in the room.  And the header-less wall wasn’t the most rigid.


This summer we have grand plans to replace the remaining windows and siding the house.  It’s a big task, but we’re anxious for the change.  Each big project is usually broken up into many smaller segments to make it more manageable.  While the weather was warm last week, Ben and my dad pulled out the big door, leaving a slightly larger hole.


Together they built a sturdy header and a knee wall to build the space to fit the replacement window.


So, why a window instead of the door?  Well, we will replace the bay window with a sliding door and extend the deck over.  We’re 95% sure this was the layout when the house was built.


See that little brown rectangle on the bump out?  That’s where the deck railing was attached and painted around.  Right around four feet wide, this will become a perfect walkway.  Which allows us to better use the covered section of the deck.  Instead of a grilling/smoking station, we’ll have shaded seating.  The area behind the grill will become the deck extension.


Back inside, my recent paint job isn’t looking so hot.


Rather than adding small pieces of sheet rock to fill in, we plan to recover the entire wall.  Some outlets and switches will move, and the texture is terribly mismatched from the door install.  Small seams are more likely to crack, too, so we’d prefer to avoid that situation.


That big, expensive door didn’t go to waste.  At 6 feet wide and 8 feet tall, proportionately it is better suited for the 12 foot tall entry.  Ben pulled out the old door and picture window.


Replacing it with a thick header for stability, leaving room for a smaller, transom style window above.


Voila, new front door.  Most exciting to me is the amount of light this door lets in.  Several times, while walking past, the light catches my eye and my first reaction is, “Who left the door open?”


Clearly we still have work to finish it up.  Exposed header and yellow foam insulation isn’t going to cut it.


Big, exciting changes, though.

28 thoughts on “A Hole in the Wall

    1. Thanks, diypassion! I’m excited for the porch, too but it’s going to bea a while until things really take shape out there. Still, happy to have things headed that direction.

  1. Whoa you made a TON of changes – it looks awesome. I love all of these moves you’re making!!!! So excited for you!

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